Transfer Student Checklist

updated 5/12/22

Download Transfer Checklist PDF

Course Registration Tasks

Please note that the following registration tasks should be completed by August 1, the first date of course registration for new students. Most of the registration tasks are tracked on your Pioneer Portal, but please be aware that updates are not immediate and may take a few days to process in the portal. Email if you have any questions.

A. Deadline: ASAP

B. Deadline: June 28

C. Deadline: July 1

D. July 7

E. Deadline: July 15

F. July 20

G. Deadline: July 27

H. August 1

I. August 3


NSO Tasks and Notifications

The following tasks are important for new students to complete. As the following tasks will not be tracked on the Pioneer Portal, new students should keep track of which items they have and have not completed. Email with questions.

J. Mid-June

K. Deadline: June 10

L. Deadline: June 22

M. Deadline: July 1

N. Late July

O. Deadline: August 11

P. August 16–19

Q. Deadline: August 19

R. Deadline: August 24

S. August 24

T. Deadline: August 26

U. August 29

V. Deadline: September 13