Final Grading Information

Grade submission deadline

Our office thanks you in advance, as your timely grade submission has a profound impact on the services to our students, and the faculty and staff of a number of different departments.

Special Information Regarding Incomplete Grades

  1. Instructors should complete the Incomplete Grade Assignment form and discuss the expectations and deadline with the student. (This is a fillable PDF from – download it first as a PDF, then complete it.)
  2. Submit the form to from your LC email account, and copy the student on the email (using the student’s LC email). Please state in your email that you have discussed the expectations/deadline with the student and indicate that the student has agreed to the terms. (Alternately, you can include an email chain from the student which indicates agreement - as long as it comes from the student’s LC email account.)
  3. Please note that incomplete grade assignment forms must be submitted by the instructor.
  4. Deadline: December 16, 2020. To give time for processing, it would be helpful if all incomplete grade assignment forms are submitted before final exams begin.


  • The “last date of attendance” is measured by the date you last had meaningful contact with the student, whether it be submission of an assignment, participation in a Moodle venue, or attendance at a zoom or google meeting.
  • Wide latitude will be given for extenuating circumstances in the eligibility section of the form.
  • If instructors and students can sign the form, even better, but we’re not requiring it.
  • The Director of E&D’s permission is still required if the course is CORE-120 or 121.

Final Grades:

  • Submit all grades as letter grades*. If your student has chosen the CR/NC option, the letter grade will be automatically converted to the CR/NC option. There is no need for faculty to remember or track which students chose the CR/NC option, and it will ensure that students who did not choose it are awarded the appropriate letter grade. (*PE/A courses, and those few other courses which are offered only CR/NC can continue to be graded using the CR/NC marks.)


Grades are due at the close of the day four days after the last final.  You can always submit grades earlier, if you’d like. We will begin the grade verification process and calculating academic standing early in the morning on the day after grades are due.

Students will be able to view their grades via WebAdvisor as soon as all grades are received by the Registrar’s Office and the batch verification process has been completed. This is normally several days after the grade submission deadline.

Incomplete Grades (See directions above for signature requirements)

NOTE: Incomplete grade assignment forms are due prior to the end of finals, not when other final grades are due. Both the instructors and students are required to sign the forms, and thus the forms must be completed while students are still on campus.

Please carefully review the criteria for awarding an incomplete grade. The criteria is very specific and can be found on the Incomplete Grade Assignment form.  Please also review the instructions on page 2 of the form thoroughly. 

Brief summary:

  • An incomplete grade is used when circumstances beyond the control of the student prevent completion of the coursework - medical concern, death or serious illness in the family, etc. It is intended for use when a small number of assignments or the final exam is outstanding, and when the student has missed no more than two consecutive weeks of class.
  • Students who would be required to attend additional class sections to complete the course should instead withdraw and enroll in the course in a future semester.
  • The incomplete must be submitted on the Incomplete Grade Assignment form before the end of Finals – WebAdvisor will not accept incomplete grades. Forms must be submitted by the instructor of the course.

The full policy can be found in the academic catalog (Grading policy) and the dates for resolution can be found on the Academic Calendar. Please note that incomplete grades awarded to graduation candidates will delay their graduation until the following semester.


Please review your rosters one last time.  It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from a course if s/he has decided not to attend. If you find that a student who has not been attending remains on your roster, you may award the grade earned. Withdrawing a student after the 10th week deadline is not allowed.

Instructions for on-line submission of grades:

  1. Go to WebAdvisor click the orange “Log In” tab.  Use your LC email login (without the “”) and LC email password.
  2. Follow the links to Faculty and Grading, select the term (ignore the start/end boxes), and then click on the Submit button.
  3. Choose Final Grading, check the box for the course, and click on the Submit button.  Enter your grades and click on the Submit button (ignore the “Expire Date” and “Inter Gr” boxes). 
    1. Until grades are verified by the Registrar’s Office, you may go back into your class lists and make adjustments to the grades.  However, once you enter a grade in a field the system requires that an entry be maintained in that field.  Call or email the Registrar if you need to have a grade deleted.
    2.  Make sure that you use the appropriate entries for Credit (CR), and No-Credit (NC). 
    3. Please do not attempt to enter I, W or NG grades.  Incomplete grades must be assigned via the Incomplete Grade Assignment form.  If either a W or NG grade is appropriate (i.e. you are withdrawing the student or you suspect Academic Dishonesty), please contact the Registrar.
  4. Please go back into the course and check to confirm that your grades have been transmitted.  If you open your class roster and the grade field is blank this means that no grade has been transmitted. 
  5.  Repeat as needed for your other courses.
  6. Make sure that you logout of WebAdvisor when you are through entering grades.          

Step by step directions with screenshots can be found here.


Please contact Judy Finch at or Hayley Bentley at