Faculty Recommend or Request a SAAB Tutor

Thank you for contacting SAAB Tutoring. The current SAAB tutors page lists this semester’s courses and tutors. Please complete the following form if you would like to recommend an additional tutor for a course, or request a tutor for a course that is not currently listed.  

The SAAB Tutoring program welcomes recommendations for students who are effective, patient, and timely communicators and who have excelled in the courses for which they might tutor. These tutors supplement classroom instruction by demonstrating patience and encouragement in individual and small-group study sessions. In addition, tutors guide students to appropriate resources and to faculty when SAAB tutoring is insufficient.

In order to recommend at student as a potential tutor, the student must meet the following requirements:

● Gained proficiency in course materials and demonstrated competency through course completion with an above-average grade (typically A; contingent upon instructor approval) OR

● Gained the recommendation of course professor, or, in their absence, the department chair or section head, indicating that the student can fulfill the needs of the position;

● Interested in course content and confident in ability to assist others’ understanding;

● Be in good academic standing.

You may recommend a student who has not meet these requirements, but their application may be subject to further review.

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