Student Advisory Committee Bylaws

Committee Bylaws


Article I: Purpose

The Division of Student Life empowers students to learn, lead, and engage the traditions of the liberal arts in the 21st century. As holistic educators, we partner with students through their development in academic & experiential learning, civic leadership & career development, diversity & inclusion, and wellness. We create an enduring community of belonging in which all students can take pride and realize their potential.

We strive to model and encourage a commitment to:  

  • Academic & Experiential Learning
  • Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Wellness

This Student Advisory Committee has a primary goal of providing feedback to the Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students (Dr. Evette Castillo Clark) and share experiences on student issues. Throughout the academic year, monthly meetings will take place to encourage discussion on new initiatives and emergent issues. The Board’s recommendations help to influence the VPSL/DOS goals, services, and overall effectiveness.

This committee aims towards facilitating the flow of information in both directions and to be a dynamic, quick-paced task force providing a testing ground for ideas, creating an essential feedback loop between Student Life leadership and student body.


Article II: Membership

Member Responsibilities/Duties

  1. Advocating for, providing feedback from, and collaborating with campus programs, initiatives, and services.
  2. Increasing student access and awareness of the services provided by the VPSL/DOS Office with an emphasis on underrepresented and marginalized communities.
  3. Appraising and evaluating the effectiveness of current and potential programs.
  4. Participating in VPSL/DOS programming, activities, and campus events.
  5. Demonstrate a good understanding of the campus.


  1. All committee members must remain in “Good Standing” in terms of their academic performance during the semester. Academics are the first priority.


  1. Each student member of this committee will serve for the entirety of the academic year (Fall & Spring Semester)

Number of Board Members

  1. 10-13


  1. Each member of the committee will receive a stipend per semester served.
  2. Amount TBD


Article III: Officers

  • Co-Chair
  • The Co-Chairs will switch from week to week to keep everyone accountable 
  • The Co-Chairs are responsible for reaching out to each committee member to build the agenda and document important issues that need to be discussed within the committee.
  • Secretary 
  • The Secretary is responsible for ensuring meetings are effectively organized and minuted. As well as maintaining effective records and administration.
  • Communication and correspondence.


Article IV: Meetings

  • The committee will meet on a monthly basis and requires the input and collaboration of the student members. This committee will be the voice of the rest of the student body,  college experience, so do not hesitate to express thoughts. 
  • Each committee member is required to attend each meeting, and if one cannot do so please inform Diana Pacheco (Graduate Assistant) and/or Jessica Sweeney (Executive Assistant).
  • Each meeting will have provided snacks and/or drinks to accompany the thoughts and discussions of the committee meeting.
  • Each meeting should last no longer than one hour in duration.

Article V: About Us 

  • This committee gives students the opportunity to take control of their own college experience here at LC and make it unique to them and their fellow Pios! Committee members will be responsible for providing feedback and ideas in which will improve the student experience and overall functionality of the college. We want to put the student in the driver’s seat and empower them to get the best out of their college experience.
  • This committee facilitates the flow of information in both directions and is a dynamic, quick-paced task force that provides a testing ground for ideas. It creates an essential feedback loop between Student Life leadership and the student body.