Meet the Vice President of Student Life

Vice President of Student Life Robin Holmes-Sullivan. Vice President of Student Life Robin Holmes-Sullivan.

Hello LC Students!

We are so glad you have made the choice to join the Lewis and Clark community! To our first-year students, welcome to the first week of your college experience. What an exciting time for all of you. For our returning students, we are so glad you are back. Although we are all still dealing with this pandemic, let’s do all that we can to have an outstanding school year. Like last year, I will write a weekly column in the Bark updating you on how we are doing on campus with the pandemic and provide you with updates and important information about policies, expectations and other guidance. You can also stay up-to-date on all things COVID by visiting our website at any time here.

We have started the year out well in regards to the safety of our campus. We had almost 700 students undergo COVID-19 testing last week and we identified only two student COVID cases out of the 700—a very low incidence rate. We will complete the second half of testing of the residential students today and tomorrow. Hopefully, the results will be equally as good. You can always check on the transmission and positivity rates for the campus by visiting our campus confirmed cases status report.

About the Division of Student Life

Your Division of Student Life is here to support your journey. College is an exciting time and you will discover so much about yourself, your passions, and your talents while you are here. You will also grapple with change, uncertainty and at times, failure. The learning is in the journey not the destination, and we in Student Life are honored to walk alongside you as you traverse these expected challenges and opportunities.

With over 16 departments, full of professionals with a variety of expertise and backgrounds, you will find the staff in Student Life is here to support your academic and personal journey in a multitude of ways. But most importantly, we hope that you will take an active role in authoring your own student experience and help us to build a strong and exciting LC community.

I strongly encourage you to get involved and help make our campus vibrant and fun. If you are interested in sponsoring an event, a concert, dance, or other activities, feel free to check in with the Office of Student Engagement located in the Templeton Student Center. They are excited to find ways to support students bringing engaging opportunities to campus—just let them know! You can also reach out to the Campus Activity Board, a student run organization that works to build community at LC by hosting and supporting events for students, by students. Check them out here. We are so glad that we will be able to attend classes, events, meetings and social meet ups in person this year. Let’s take advantage of that freedom and build a strong, healthy campus community.

I am quite excited about the beginning of construction of a newly renovated Templeton Student Center. You will be receiving an invitation from me shortly to attend a ZOOM presentation to learn about where we are with design, timeline, and other details regarding the renovation. Please participate in the session—we really want students to give us feedback and help make the newly designed student center the best it can be. I am really looking forward to your feedback and guidance.

Again, welcome to the LC community new students and welcome back returning students. Please do not hesitate to come by and interact with any of our offices—we can’t wait to get to know you. Roll Pios!


Vice President for Student Life Robin Holmes-Sullivan.




Robin Holmes-Sullivan
Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students
Lewis & Clark College