ENVX Academy

Environment Across Boundaries (ENVX): that’s how big environmental studies is at Lewis & Clark College.

ENVX Academy is a suite of cutting-edge online opportunities for learning, mentoring, and dialogue that complement our in-person courses and co-curricular events. Expand your environmental boundaries with ENVX Academy!

ENVX Academy is for prospective, new, returning, and former Lewis & Clark College students.

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Here are some current and near-future opportunities.

  • Alumni support network: Consider future academic and professional options with help from our extensive ENVS alumni network.
  • Conservation reading group: In summer 2020 we hosted a popular Zoom-based weekly reading discussion to help plan our fall 2020 ENVX Symposium on the theme of biodiversity conservation.
  • EcoTypes: Explore your environmental ideas via an online survey, personalized report, and resources for reflection. You may participate in EcoTypes at any time, or as part of our ENVS core courses.
  • Environmental engagement: Collaborate with a variety of partner organizations, and document and share team projects, as you work with others toward environmental dialogue and progress. Or, check out engagement opportunities our students are organizing with these partners! 
  • envs.lclark.edu: Students in 2020 built skills in public digital scholarship while sharing their work in ENVS core courses with a wide online audience.
  • ENVX Symposium: Starting fall 2020, our annual ENVX Symposium crosses new geographic boundaries weaving conservation experts and interested participants via a series of online events.

We will provide updates on these and other ENVX Academy opportunities soon. 

For more information on ENVX Academy, please contact the Environmental Studies Program.