ENVX Academy

Environment Across Boundaries (ENVX): that’s how big environmental studies is at Lewis & Clark College.

ENVX Academy is a suite of cutting-edge online opportunities for learning, mentoring, and dialogue that complement our in-person courses and co-curricular events. Expand your environmental boundaries with ENVX Academy!

ENVX Academy is for prospective, new, returning, and former Lewis & Clark College students.

Want to keep in touch on ENVX Academy? Sign up for announcements on any of our ENVX Academy events, or if you are a member of the Lewis & Clark community sign up for ENVX Slack, where you can be a part of extended connections and conversations.

Here are some current and near-future opportunities.

  • Alumni support network: Consider future academic and professional options with help from our extensive ENVS alumni network.
  • Conservation reading group: In summer 2020 we hosted a popular Zoom-based weekly reading discussion to help plan our fall 2020 ENVX Symposium on the theme of biodiversity conservation.
  • EcoTypes: Explore your environmental ideas via an online survey, personalized report, and resources for reflection. You may participate in EcoTypes at any time, or as part of our ENVS core courses.
  • Environmental engagement: Collaborate with a variety of partner organizations, and document and share team projects, as you work with others toward environmental dialogue and progress.  
  • envs.lclark.edu: Build skills in public digital scholarship while sharing your work in ENVS core courses with a wide online audience.
  • ENVX Symposium: Starting fall 2020, our annual ENVX Symposium crosses new geographic boundaries weaving conservation experts and interested participants via a series of online events.
  • Slack network: Extend conversations, share ideas, get to know each other, and generally build ENVX Academy community. Current students can sign up here; others can do so by invitation.

We will provide updates on these and other ENVX Academy opportunities soon. 

For more information on ENVX Academy, please contact the Environmental Studies Program.