Meet Our Students

No one can give you a better sense of what it’s really like to study ENVS at Lewis & Clark than our current students and recent alumni.

Satya Austin-Opper

Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina
Extracurriculars: Sustainability and Climate Programs intern, College Outdoors trip leader

Mia Babasyan

Hometown: Naas, Ireland

Grace Blunck

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Overseas Program: Southeast Asia, Fall 2024
Extracurriculars: Environment Across Boundaries (ENVX) Symposium

Qwynci Bowman

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Overseas Program: Thailand (Fall 2022) and Australia (Spring 2023)
Extracurriculars: Bates Center for Entrepreneurship, Lewis & Clark golf team, Black Student Union, Computing 4 Change, Gender Minorities in STEM, Native Plant Society of Oregon, The Pioneer Log newspaper, Students Engaged in Eco-Defense, and executive board member for Tryon Creek Watershed Council