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Environmental Studies

Digital Scholarship

Students in the ENVS Program have long developed cutting-edge communication abilities and technical skills via digital scholarship (DS). As part of their ENVS courses, many of our students have launched their own WordPress DS sites to share a living portfolio of their work with a broader public audience. 

  • Would you like to see some recent student digital posts? Just go to our consolidated post feed (formatted for display on our 3rd floor Howard Hall video screen).
  • Or you can view some archived DS resources, including representative student sites 2015-2018. 

Here are some potential benefits of doing DS:

  • You will create a living portfolio of your work you can share with prospective employers, graduate school, and others…much more impressive than just a resume.
  • You will build employable skills in web design and administration, as have many of our students using the highly popular WordPress platform.
  • You will join a community of scholars and activists who share their work with the world via websites and social media.

Ready to go? See our overview presentation to get started!

We require WordPress for your digital scholarship as it best supports all three benefits above. There are simpler alternatives such as Blogger, commercial options such as SquareSpace, and trendy ones like Tumblr, but WordPress continues to be the industry standard web platform for good reason. For more information on WordPress options, see here.

Remember that doing DS is a choice in our courses, not a requirement. You must plan to:

  1. Launch a new or use an existing website that belongs to you for this and other ENVS courses.
  2. Follow all DS expectations as detailed by your instructor. All content will follow ENVS style guidelines.
  3. Share your ENVS work on this site publicly with others. ENVS will assist via your RSS feed, which you must supply.

Doing DS and need help? See our help page or email ENVS.