Digital Scholarship

Students in the ENVS Program have long cultivated cutting-edge communication abilities and technical skills via digital scholarship (DS). They benefitted by building:

  • A living portfolio of their work they shared with prospective employers, graduate school, and others…much more impressive than just a resume.
  • Employable skills in digital communication, using the highly popular WordPress platform.
  • Connections with the larger world, via their digital outreach to web visitors.
  • And a legacy for upcoming ENVS students, as they read and benefit from their documented work.

Our final DS foray took place in spring and fall semesters, 2020, when students in each of our core ENVS courses documented the process and outcome of their work on course sites at

Browse student digital scholarship via

See also information on digital distraction, and other digital tools you will cultivate via ENVS courses.

If questions, feel free to email the ENVS Program