After Lewis & Clark

What would you like to do with your ENVS major after graduation?

There’s perhaps no better way to imagine what you can do with your ENVS major than to hear from our ENVS alums. Below you’ll find links to interviews of our recent grads (more coming soon!), then stories by alums recounting their work and life after graduation.

Alum Stories

The Power of Indirect Impact

Tobias Varntoft, ’21, describes how his experiences and studies, prior to and at LC, prepared him for working at a nonprofit organization that fosters sustainable technological innovation.

A WoMan, a Plan, a Bridge, Connecticut

Kelsey Kahn, ’15, uses her interdisciplinary ENVS degree to effectively engage with her community while working for an urban planning firm.

Save your notes!

ENVS alumna Sara Goldstein ’17, expands on the GIS coursework she learned in her ENVS courses.

Building a career without a blueprint

ENVS alumna Katy Yeh, ’14, shares her thoughts on creating a career in nonprofit ecological stewardship.

From Places to Peopled Places

Robin Zeller ’15 describes how ENVS lead to a degree in medical anthropology.

Biogeochemist Julia Huggins Awarded Vanier Scholarship

Julia Huggins BA ’13 has been awarded the Vanier Scholarship to continue her PhD in biogeochemistry at the University of British Columbia, where she is the chief scientist of the oceanography research program. The scholarship will fund her research on oxygen loss in the oceans and the environmental impact of marine microorganisms.

Saving the Earth, One Bottle at a Time

ENVS Alumnus, Jules Bailey ’01, keeps Oregon’s bottle deposit and return program successful and relevant.  He is the Chief Stewardship Officer for the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative.

Opportunities at LC Lead to Career in Energy Industry

ENVS alumna, Kori Groenveld ’18, describes how her path at LC lead her to a career in the energy industry.  She is working as a Program Administrator at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

ENVS Blog: Learning on the Cutting Edge of Climate Change Adaptation

Hanah Goldov (’13), ENVS major at Lewis & Clark College, describes how her interest in  intentional spaces and environmental design began in her undergraduate work and will continue as she enters a Master’s Program in Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley fall of 2018.

ENVS Blog: From West Coast green building to East Coast solar

Keith Morency (’16) highlights the various jobs that led him to work for a community solar team in Boston, MA, after graduating from the Environmental Studies program at Lewis & Clark College.

ENVS Blog: Teaching Through AmeriCorps

Rebecca Kidder (’16), a graduate of the Environmental Studies Program at Lewis & Clark College, describes her time working as a reading tutor in a kindergarten classroom in Minneapolis.

ENVS Blog: To Israel and Back

Darya Watnick (’13), a graduate of the Environmental Studies Program at Lewis & Clark College, describes her time spent working in Israel for three years after graduating and returning to work as a Jewish Engagement Manager in the U.S.

ENVS Blog: Outdoor Education and Naturopathic Medicine

Eva Johnson (’15) describes her trajectory after graduating Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Environmental Studies.

ENVS Blog: Remaining Cautiously Optimistic

Michaela Koke (’16) describes her work with the Merck Family Fund and her first year after graduating Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Environmental Studies and Sociology/Anthropology.

ENVS Blog: Toward Idaho and Fish

Kyle Tibbett (’15) talks about his life after graduating Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Environmental Studies and taking a position in fisheries management in Idaho.

Incremental Growth

Aaron Fellows, ’16, describes how the data assessment skills they learned in ENVS courses are in continued use, even in unexpected ways.

Act Local, Think Local

Mamelang Memela, ’20, describes how her ENVS coursework prepared her for working with the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup.

Reflect and Rebuild

ENVS alumna Emma Hay, ’20, refocuses her career goals after graduating during the pandemic.

Finding Meaning and Motivation through School Gardens

Katherine Jernigan, BA ’15, works with school children in Chicago and found a way to combine her loves of the outdoors and cooking.

Systems and Stethoscopes

Liz Fehrenbach ’05 describes how her work in ENVS turned her on to a nursing degree.

Keeping the ENVS Spirit Alive

ENVS alumna, Charlotte Copp ’18, explores the field of GIS.  She is currently a GIS intern for the City of Lake Oswego.

Can We Solve Wicked Problems Together?

ENVS alumnus Osamu Kumasaka ’16, describes his path to working in environmental conflict resolution.  He is a Junior Associate at the Consensus Building Institute in Boston, MA.

ENVS Blog: Engaging Across Boundaries

Gabriella Francolla ’18 majored in ENVS. She describes her path after graduating from Lewis & Clark, where she has had the opportunity to engage with diverse populations while working as an educator.  Next year she will begin working as an Environmental Educator Volunteer with the Peace Corps in Mexico.

ENVS Blog: The Journey Shapes the Destination

Eva Ramey (’15), a Biology major and Environmental Studies minor at Lewis & Clark College, describes how her international research unfolded, beginning with her study abroad experience in Tanzania.

ENVS Blog: Employing critical thinking skills at Tualatin Hills Nature Center

Julia Benford (’17), a graduate of the  Environmental Studies Program at Lewis & Clark College, reflects on how critical thinking and inquiry skills she gained through ENVS course studies are especially useful when teaching environmental education at Tualatin Hills Nature Center.

ENVS Blog: From L&C to the Arctic - My path to a career in international environmental law

Rachael Lipinski (’09), a graduate of the Environmental Studies Program at Lewis & Clark College, writes about her time working as an environmental attorney.

ENVS Blog: From Environmental Education to Public Health

Aly Robinson (’11) writes about her work in environmental education and public health after graduating from Lewis & Clark College’s Environmental Studies Program.

ENVS Blog: Pursuing a Career in Nursing

Erin Scheibe (’15) writes about her experiences pursuing a career in nursing after graduating from the Environmental Studies Program at Lewis & Clark College.

ENVS Blog: A Winding Road to Nuclear Engineering

Emma Redfoot (’13) describes her indirect path toward studying nuclear engineering after graduating Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Environmental Studies.

ENVS Blog: A Fulbright Year in Colombia

Laura Schroeder (’14) describes her year as a Fulbright scholar in Colombia after having taken courses in environmental studies and graduating from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Sociology/Anthropology.

Calling all environmental studies alumni! What have you been up to since graduation? Start an interesting job? Discover a hidden talent? Used your liberal arts experience and degree to better the world? Adopt a cat? We’d love to know!