After Lewis & Clark

What would you like to do with your ENVS major after graduation?

There’s perhaps no better way to imagine what you can do with your ENVS major than to hear from our ENVS alums. Below you’ll find links to interviews of our recent grads (more coming soon!), then stories by alums recounting their work and life after graduation.

Recent Alum Interviews

Sam Bundenthal BA ?19

We only handicap ourselves if we don’t try to understand the world from someone else’s point of view, and explore the scary idea that we ourselves might be wrong.

Anna Foster ?19

When I came to visit, it just felt right; I could see myself going to school here and being happy.

Nicole, smiling, standing in front of trees on a sunny day. Processed with VSCO with j2 preset. S...

Be a go-getter! Most of the communities I’m a part of and the opportunities that I had were because I went after something even if I was feeling uncertain about whether I should try.

Jay Horita-Chu ?18

At L&C, I was given the attention I needed to get into the right classes and graduate on time.

Ariel Moyal ?19

What I have loved most about my studies is finding and nurturing the connections between seemingly disparate subjects.

Blake Slattengren, Class of 2018

I am proud of designing my own capstone outcome, a graphically-oriented report. It taught me a lot about communicating information visually, a skill that is incredibly useful in the current information age.

Sabrina Cerquera ?20

I have become more open to exploring new subjects, especially with my interdisciplinary education.

Gabriella Francolla, Class of 2018

Simply put, I have become a more practical environmentalist, a critical thinker, and have a clearer vision of how our future must look.

Alex Groher-Jick, Class of 2018

Something we discuss in ENVS is how people are often not ready to question their views on environmental issues and even consider their environmental beliefs to be spiritual and thus beyond critique/questioning.

Mamelang Memela ?20

I really like how many departments in the school incorporate international perspectives in symposiums and other activities on campus.

Juliana, smiling, sitting on the grass in front of the Manor House on a sunny day. Student-suppli...

Throughout the last four years, my classes, professors, and experiences in the ENVS program have helped me learn how to address multiple sides of environmental issues and understand multiple viewpoints.

Alum Stories