Alumni Support Network

One benefit our current ENVS students enjoy is a vibrant alumni support network. Below is more information, and how ENVS students can get started.

It’s exciting to see the many paths our ENVS alumni take after graduation: just browse these alum stories & interviews for diverse, real-world examples. If you are a current ENVS major or minor at Lewis & Clark, you may be thinking about your choices after graduation as well!

Many of our alumni have stepped forward to join a support network and help you prepare for academic and professional next steps. These alums live across the U.S. (and beyond), have pursued a variety of graduate degrees, and are actively employed in a wide range of professions…in other words, they offer a wealth of advice, and it’s quite probable that several have pursued exactly the career or scholarly path you envision.

Connecting with ENVS alumni may help you in a variety of ways:

  • You could discuss preprofessional training for a career you are considering
  • You could discuss preparation for graduate or professional school
  • You could discuss internship opportunities in their area or with their company
  • You may wish to build a mentorship relationship whereby they offer you general guidance
  • Or, you may simply wish to start a conversation with alumni about what you are learning in school, how they are responding to current issues, etc.  

If you are a current ENVS student (premajor/major/minor) and wish to connect with one or more of our ENVS alumni, just do this:

  1. Fill out this simple form to indicate your interest. We’ll be in touch soon by email.
  2. We’ll do a quick interview to learn more about you. Then we will help you connect to the alumni support network database, and may recommend some alumni you might initially consider. We’ll also provide pointers on how to approach our ENVS alumni.
  3. You’ll then contact selected ENVS alumni on your own, using information provided in the database.
  4. We’ll get back with you a few weeks after your initial interview to learn what you’ve done so far, to process the information you’ve received from alumni, and to get any thoughts from you on the overall process.

Current students: Get started!

The ENVS alumni support network is one of many benefits of ENVX Academy, a suite of online enhancements and connections expanding our ENVS curriculum/co-curriculum. Though this support network is only available to current ENVS students, other ENVX Academy resources are available to prospective, current, and former students.

If questions, feel free to contact the ENVS Program.