Francisco Perozo

As part of the planning committee for the ENVX Symposium, I have the opportunity to meet with passionate, inspiring, and driven peers who are engaged in the environmental movement.

   Francisco Perozo BA ?23



Degree and Class Year

BA ’23


Caracas, Venezuela


Environmental Studies


Art and Art History


Environmental Studies Symposium, Green Empowerment Associate Board, Alumni and Parent Programs student worker, landscaping worker

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Advocacy, Aesthetics, Forest

How would you describe sustainability at L&C?

The campus is moving toward an eco-friendly space. Our newer buildings are energy efficient and have LEED certifications. Our dining hall uses local products. Our sustainability office is providing spaces to listen to and implement student initiatives. There is still work to be done, but most people I have talked to are willing to contribute to a more sustainable L&C.

What’s your involvement with any sustainability initiatives on campus? What’s the best part of your experience?

My current involvement is as a cochair of the Environmental Studies Symposium that happens every fall semester. As part of the planning committee for this event, I have had the opportunity to meet with passionate, inspiring, and driven peers who are engaged in the environmental movement. We are planning to have a multidisciplinary series of events that will include academic departments and other offices on campus. For example, it is fascinating to see how staff in the Career Center, Office of Spiritual Life, and the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs are so excited and eager to cooperate in the design of this symposium.

What should incoming students know about sustainability at L&C?

We have a very passionate community, and everyone wants to help. If you take the initiative and the time to bring together different members of the community with different backgrounds, you will make great contributions to sustainability at L&C.

How does sustainability prepare students for life after L&C?

Sustainability, for me, is independence. The world is heading toward an environment where human communities can prosper for generations without being limited by resources. Sustainability prepares students for life after L&C by reinforcing a mindset of saving and optimization. This can be translated into many spheres of our lives. Sustainability encourages you to be creative and resourceful.