Elizabeth Safran

Associate Professor of Geological Science, Director of Environmental Studies Program, and Director of Earth System Science Minor

Olin Center 234, MSC: 55
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I am a geomorphologist — a geologist who worries about how landscapes evolve.  I am originally from the Boston area but have been on the west coast throughout my graduate and post-doctoral work, which I did at the University of Washington, University of California (UC), Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz.  I was first drawn into geology through a class taught by Stephen Jay Gould, with the modest title of “The History of Earth and of Life.”  Once I learned that field trips and camping were required elements of the geology major, I was hooked.  I have been at Lewis & Clark College since 2000.  For me, this is a wonderful professional setting, where I get to interact with intellects from vastly different fields and with inquisitive, gung-ho students.

Academic Credentials

PhD 1998 University of California at Santa Barbara, M.S 1993 University of Washington, BA 1989 Harvard University

Location: Olin Hall