May 29, 2013

Teacher of the Year

Students honor philosophy professor Rebecca Copenhaver.

Each spring our students make an important decision: Who will be named Teacher of the Year?  

  • “Becko’s demand for philosophical rigor arises from an unshakable belief in students’ ability to participate fully in intellectual discussion.”James Mire ’13

  • “Becko pushes her students to question everything, to get to the substance of logical arguments. From her we’ve learned a skill that is invaluable to our success both in college and in this convoluted world.”Ian Blair ’14

  • “Becko is completely honest in her feedback… . She’s candid because she respects us and believes that we can handle her comments and become better thinkers. And she’s right.”Elias Brockman ’13

  • “Becko has never failed to be there for me… . Every time I talk to Becko, I feel more confident about myself. I have the inspiring mentor that I always wanted.”Sarah Lomas ’13

  • “Becko is the professor who prepared me for the rest of my college career.”Ciara Dolan ’15

Rebecca “Becko” Copenhaver, professor of philosophy, won the award for 2013. Here, students share why they feel Becko deserves what she calls “the most meaningful honor I’ve ever received.”