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Environmental Studies

Here Comes the Environmental Affairs Symposium!

August 23, 2012

  • Zhao Zhong of Green Camel Bell in Gansu Province, China will deliver a keynote talk at this year's Environmental Affairs Symposium.

The 2012 Environmental Affairs Symposium, “Environmental
Entanglements Across the Pacific,” will take place Oct. 15-18, 2012. Over the summer, student co-chairs Sarah Clement (ENVS  ‘14), Laura Nash (East Asian Studies ‘13), Amanda Wickramasekera (ENVS ‘13), and Micah Leinbach (ENVS ‘14) have been working hard on developing a provocative program focusing on the ways that environmental considerations in East/Southeast Asia and North America intertwine, in both convergent and divergent ways. Keynote speakers will be Zhao Zhong of Green Camel Bell in China, and Brett Walker, a professor at Montana State University specializing in the environmental history of

Zhao Zhong is a Chinese grassroots activist who was a Time Magazine Hero of the Environment in 2009 for starting the first environmental NGO in the Gansu province of China. Zhao will share his experiences
cooperating with U.S.-based organizations around environmental protection on the Pacific Rim, and Walker will talk about “Japan’s Toxic Archipelago: Understanding the Environment in a Human-Fashioned World.”

Check out the symposium website for more program details, and contact Sarah (, Laura (, or Amanda ( if you want to help put on this exciting show. Volunteer opportunities abound!