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What is SEM?

SEM stands for Strategic Enrollment Management and is a broad-based, data-informed effort to improve how we attract, admit, and retain students at the College. The goal is to use our collective expertise to increase revenue while remaining true to our mission. SEM takes a holistic approach, not only targeting the entry point for new students, but focusing on the student experience from recruitment through graduation and beyond.

 Who is involved?

Here is a list of working groups and their members. We currently have over 60 faculty and staff involved in SEM, and as we develop action-planning teams, that number is growing. At the center of SEM is a steering committee, consisting of six Dean/VP level members and a faculty representative. Working with the steering committee are five working groups – academic, fiscal, marketing/recruitment, retention, and student life—made up of representatives from offices and departments across the campus. We also have support groups for data and communications. Action-planning teams are assembled as needed and usually include at least one working-group member along with other experts and interested parties.

 What is the timeline?

The SEM steering committee was established in the fall of 2017.

With the blessing of new president Wim Wiewel, the committee initiated a concerted, year-long planning process in the summer of 2018.

In the fall of 2018, working groups surveyed our enrollment landscape and began gathering ideas for how we can increase revenue while remaining true to our mission.

This spring, “action-planning” teams are using data and other forms of evidence to assess individual enrollment strategies, project costs as well as returns, and develop detailed implementation plans.

This summer, the steering committee will recommend a slate of strategies that seem to promise the best return-on-investment.

Next year, in addition to supporting the College’s implementation of these strategies, the steering committee will work to ensure that SEM principles are incorporated into all of the College’s decision-making processes moving forward.

 What is an “action plan”?

An action plan is a detailed description of implementation steps, costs, enrollment impact, projected revenue, and assessment mechanisms, as well as many other details. Read more about the five key components of an action plan and view the action plan template. 

 What if I have an idea for SEM?

SEM is a broad-based process and all ideas are welcome. Please use this feedback form or submit your idea directly to,

 What if I want to participate?

We are always looking for people to help develop of action plans. Please use this feedback form or email and we will contact you to discuss your interests and how you can contribute.

 What if I have questions?

 Use this feedback form or send your questions to

Dean of the College

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