4-5-6 Commitment for Current Students

We want you to make the most of your Lewis & Clark education. Our 4-5-6 Commitment is a reflection of our belief in the strength of the education available at all three of our schools, and the unique ways you can earn degrees at L&C.

Four-Year BA Commitment

The 4-year commitment is available to students who entered the college as first-years in or after the fall of 2019.

We plan our curriculum and class schedules in order for you to complete your undergraduate degree in eight continuous semesters—four academic years. We commit to supporting you with academic and faculty advisors, and we ask you to commit to the plan as well. If those commitments are met and you are not able to graduate in four years, you may qualify for a free semester of tuition to complete your studies.

If you are a current student in your final semester, and you believe you meet the criteria to qualify for additional tuition-free courses, please review your eligibility on our Fine Print page. If you still feel you qualify, complete this application form by the last day of classes of your 8th semester.

Four-Year BA+MSL (3+1) Program

Our BA+MSL program offers you the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Sciences and master’s of studies in law (MSL) in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law from our nationally ranked law school in four years rather than five. The MSL is for people who are interested in environmental law, regulations, and policies with an eye to careers such as teaching, journalism, lobbying, entrepreneurship, and federal or nonprofit agency work.

Read about the 3+1 program details, and contact pre-law advisor Andrea Hibbard (ahibbard@lclark.edu) with any questions.

Five-Year BA+MAT Program

Through our nationally recognized Teacher Pathways program, you can earn your BA from the College of Arts and Sciences and your master’s in teaching from our graduate school in a total of five years. You can apply to Teacher Pathways as an incoming, first-year, or second-year student.

To enroll and get started, complete the interest form at the bottom of the Teacher Pathways program page. If you have questions about the program or have submitted the interest form and are not sure of next steps, contact Liza Finkel, Teacher Pathways advisor and graduate school faculty, at lfinkel@lclark.edu.

Six-Year BA+JD Program

With careful planning starting in your first semester of undergraduate studies, it is possible to earn both your BA from the CAS and your JD from the law school in a total of six years. You must declare your participation by the end of your first year, and preferably sooner. Note that admission to the law school is not guaranteed, and you are required to take the LSAT.

Read about the 3-3 program details, and contact pre-law advisor Andrea Hibbard (ahibbard@lclark.edu) with any questions.