Faculty Resources for Pedagogical Support

The Teaching Excellence Program (TEP) provides resources to faculty members to support them in strengthening and expanding their teaching expertise by offering workshops, bringing distinguished speakers to campus and hosting regular lunchtime gatherings. See TEP web page for more information. Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell 

Writing Workshops for E&D instructors, offered approximately every semester. Refreshments served. Past topics include Peer-editing Practices. John Holzwarth

Year-end, two-day pedagogy workshop. Past presenters include Michael Cholbi, Alfie Guy, and Frank Cioffi. Open to all faculty, although E&D faculty get first chance at participation; about 20-25 people generally attend each day. Stipended. Mo Healy

Distinguished Teaching Consultants and TEP Pedagogy Fellows provide individual confidential consultations with faculty, including classroom visits and structured conversations with students about learning. Open to all faculty members (tenured, term, tenure-track, visiting, adjunct). See TEP web page for more information. Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell

Digital Pedagogy Summer Workshop – with NW5 consortium schools. Focus on incorporating digital tools and techniques to teach in the humanities. Stipended. Miranda Carney-Morris

IT consultations on using online tools inc. Moodle and Google Drive in teaching; beginning of year workshops and drop-in hours. Miranda Carney-Morris

iPads in Education: Faculty Edition

CAS Faculty Retreat offers workshops specifically related to pedagogy. Terri Banasek

Watzek Digital Initiatives and its project proposal process for faculty – http://library.lclark.edu/lib/digitalinitiatives.html - Contact Mark Dahl

Watzek Connections. Informal workshops where faculty exchange ideas about teaching research to students and more. Contact: Kate Rubick http://library.lclark.edu/lib/facultyworkshops.htm

Special Collections and Archives. Watzek Special Collections staff offer several types of instruction services including subject-specific instruction, curriculum support, customized courses, and presentations. Faculty are encouraged to bring classes for instruction in the use of historical materials, primary source resources, and to utilize the unique holdings of our collections for research purposes. http://specialcollections.lclark.edu/instruction/

Digital Humanities Funding from the Simpson Center for the Humanities: The Simpson Center at UW has some funding to create a Pacific Northwest network of digital humanists and that should support one or two of our faculty attending digital humanities conferences this summer.  Contact Mark Dahl, liaison.