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SEM Action Planning

The Strategic Enrollment Management team is soliciting, developing and refining action plans that will increase Lewis & Clark’s enrollment, retention and net revenue. Plans have been identified by working groups and by others in the campus community and are being developed by small teams. There will be a diverse array of plans: academic, co-curricular, recruiting and marketing, and plans that span these categories. Each action plan will be data-informed and specific, with estimated multi-year enrollment and budget projections and clear timelines and assignment of duties.

Download the action planning template (pdf).

The following plans were formally reviewed by and presented to the Steering Committee in February 2019. Additional plans will be presented over the course of the Spring 2019 semester; conversely, some of the plans currently being developed will likely be put aside. The final plans that are prioritized at the end of the 2018-19 academic year will be those that can move immediately to implementation.

February 2019 Action Plans
  • 3-3 Program with the Law School. Implement a program enabling students to obtain BA and JD degrees in six years.
  • Pre-Health Advising. Improve pre-health advising and health professional school preparation.
  • Data Systems/CRM. Addresses the need for an accessible data system for student services professionals to use in their work at LC. An attempt to built a more robust and integrated data platform to enhance our growing “data-informed” culture, with the ultimate goal of better serving our students.
  • Women’s Lacrosse and Men’s Soccer teams. We are the only college in our conference without men’s soccer and will soon be the only without women’s lacrosse. There is clear demand for these sports in our market. A lacrosse team would likely draw 15-20 students and soccer would likely draw 22-28.
  • The “LC 4-5-6 Guarantee.” Guarantee that incoming freshmen can earn a BA in 4 years (so long as they comply with program requirements), or necessary fifth year coursework is free; or earn an MA in teaching and licensure in five years; or earn a JD in six years—and package and market these guarantees to students and families.
  • International Recruiting. Hire an international recruiter to increase enrollment of international students in both Academic English Studies and undergraduate programs, both directly and through the use of international recruiting agents.
  • Dual Credit Policies. Revise policies to better enable students to transfer AP, IB and other credits. We are at a competitive disadvantage, particularly in recruiting certain students from Washington state, due to restrictive transfer policies.

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