Student Advisory Board

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the Career Center is recruiting students to join the Student Advisory Board (SAB). Members of the SAB will act as ambassadors for the Career Center, providing feedback on Career Center programs and services and promoting events and resources to other students. SAB members will have access to special events and make valuable contacts. Being on the SAB is a great opportunity for members to develop leadership skills, enhance their resumes, begin networking with potential employers, and contribute to the continued development of the Career Center.

Composed of a diverse group of Lewis & Clark undergraduate students who will come from a wide range of majors, the SAB will work to enhance the services to students and employers. The main goal of the SAB is to develop relationships with the Career Center and students, helping to facilitate successful student engagement strategies. 

SAB membership is volunteer-based, and there will be opportunities for members to further develop communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. This opportunity will help students develop knowledge about career support and services, and connect with employers in diverse industries. 

Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend virtual SAB meetings.
  • Promote Career Center events and resources to peers via various methods, including social media.
  • Provide insight, feedback, and advice to the Career Center.
  • Engage in 1 Career Center event per semester.

If you are interested in potentially serving as a member of the SAB or have questions, please contact Mary Beth Snell at