Meet Your Peer Career Advisors

Have a quick question? Our Peer Career Advisors have a quick answer!

Our Peer Career Advisors…

Isabel Kjaer

Pronouns: She/Her

From: Minneapolis, MN

Major: Psychology

Minor: Religious Studies

Year: 2024

Current Career Goal: Speech Language Pathologist

Kaya Tsabari

Pronouns: She/Her

From: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Psychology

Minor: Studio Art & Art History

Year: 2024

Current Career Goal: Art Therapy or Behavioral Analyst with FBI

Makena Andersen

Pronouns: They/Them

From: Big Island of Hawai’i

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Physics & Mathematics

Year: 2024

Current Career Goal: Materials science and chemical engineering

Jacob Okello

Pronouns: He/Him

From: Portland, Oregon

Major: Computer Science

Year: 2024

Current Career Goal: Developer

Sara Nguyen

Pronouns: She/Her

From: Santa Rosa, CA

Major: Psychology

Minor: Music

Year: 2024

Current Career Goal: Nonprofit work

Sanaa Green

Pronouns: She/Her

From: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Psychology

Minor: RMS & Theater

Year: 2024

Current Career Goal: Personal Therapist while running a business and managing my YouTube

Sophia Korsmo

Pronouns: She/They

From: Bellingham, WA

Major: Sociology & Anthropology

Year: 2026

Career Goal: To work in reproductive Justice

Teresa Lourenco Serra

Pronouns: She/Her

From: Coimbra, Portugal

Major: International Affairs

Minor: Russian

Year: 2024

Current Career Goal: To stay abroad, to have a job that includes a lot of traveling and maybe do something related to International Law (who knows though!)

Our Marketing Student Assistant…

Marta Ozola

Pronouns: She/Her

From: Latvia (A tiny country in the northern part of Europe)

Major: I am planning to major in studio arts with concentration in photography and probably minor in entrepreneurship

Year: 2026

Current Career Goal: To work in the creative industries, creating editorial content such as video ads, editorial photos shoots, etc., for companies.