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Our Peer Career Advisors…

Name: Isabel Kjaer
Pronouns: She/Her
From: Minneapolis, MN
Major: Psychology
Minor: Religious Studies
Year: 2024
Current Career Goal: School Psychologist
Name: Sydney Brown
Pronouns: She/Her
From: Mesa, Arizona
Major: IA
Year: 2025
Current Career Goal: Human rights lawyer

Name: Lila Khammash
Pronouns: She/Her
From: Palestine
Major: International Affairs /
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Year: 2023
Current Career Goal: Business Consultancy

Name: Kaya Tsabari
Pronouns: She/Her
From: Los Angeles, California
Major: Psychology
Minor: Studio Art & Art History
Year: 2024
Current Career Goal: Art Therapy

Name: Makena Andersen
Pronouns: They/Them
From: Big Island of Hawaiʻi
Major: Looking at majoring Biochemistry and molecular biology
Minor: Physics
Year: 2024
Current Career Goal: Biochemical engineering and research

Amelia Doyle
Pronouns: She/Her
Major: IA/World Languages
Year: 2024
Current Career Goal: