Internships for Credit

Course Description

Practical experience working within a career field of interest, supplemented by an on-line, synchronous seminar. Internships must be off-campus, arranged by the student and approved by the course instructor. They may be done in a wide array of settings. (Students are strongly encouraged to contact the Career Center for assistance with the process of identifying and securing an internship.) Students will follow a common syllabus. In addition, in conjunction with the instructor, students will compose and complete an individual learning agreement related to their particular internships.

Enrollment Process

  1. Complete the interest form. This will provide the information needed to determine if the internship meets the criteria for the course.
  2. Receive email confirmation indicating your internship meets the requirements of the course along with your individualized learning agreement.
  3. Meet with Nina Olken to review your learning agreement and course expectations together.
  4. Provide confirmation from your internship site by having your supervisor complete the supervisor agreement form. Confirmation from your internship site is required before you can enroll.

Documents & Forms

Important Deadline

  • Students are required to submit the CDEV 145 learning agreement form to the instructor by the first day of class and ideally at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester.
  • Students will not be allowed to continue past the add/drop period unless a learning agreement has been signed by the instructor and submitted to the registrar by 4pm on the last day of add/drop.

Information & Resources