For Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff members within the Lewis & Clark campus community offer tremendous and invaluable support in a variety of ways as students navigate through the academic, co-curricular, and career planning process. Here are just a few ways you can help:

  • Leverage close relationships with students to provide feedback and guidance.
  • Serve as a knowledgeable source of campus resources.
  • Offer feedback in a supportive style.
  • Encourage students’ use of resources on campus.
  • Ask questions of the student to stimulate reflection around and confidence in the value of the liberal arts education.
  • Refer students to the Career Center.
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Visit the Office of Student and Leadership Service to learn more about academic civic engagement and service.


Whether you’re advising students, supporting their experiential learning, advocating for leadership growth, or educating them in the classroom, faculty and staff support is key to students’ career discernment process. The Career Center invites faculty and staff to partner with us to assure student excellence. We provide career advising and counseling free of charge for current students as well as a wide variety of resources, programs, and services.  For insight into how the Career Center educates students on the benefits of an internship, search strategies, and how to make the most of their opportunity, click the link above.

Referrals/Letters of Recommendation

Providing a quality recommendation is an important role of a faculty or staff member. It can make the difference in a student receiving a job offer, acceptance to graduate school, or receiving an award or scholarship.

Resources for Working with Students

The Career Center can help you work with students to identify areas of interest, create an effective job/internship search plan, craft resumes, CVs, cover letters, and much more.  

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