Career & Graduate School Resources for Alumni

Our career and graduate school planning resources are available to alumni, too. Build a powerful resume, write a competitive graduate school essay, or meet with a career counselor.

Graduate School

Explore graduate school options and locate resources for researching programs, preparing for entrance exams, and applying to schools.


Networking is the simple idea of making connections and building relationships based on similar interests, skills and goals. It is effective for learning about professions and organizations, making connections in a particular industry or field, and finding opportunities in the “hidden job market.” There are several resources available to you help you get started and to grow your personal network.

Job Search Strategies

Finding a job takes time so give yourself the necessary time. You will want to use multiple strategies for your search including web-based databases, job fairs and career events, and various networking opportunities.

Career Counseling 

For recent graduates (up to 2 years) career counseling is free and unlimited year-round.  For Alumni members between 2-5 years out, we are able to accommodate one appointment during the academic year (September through April) and unlimited appointments during the summer. After 5 years, we are able to accommodate a consultation appointment during the summer months (May through August) and make appropriate referrals. Alumni are welcome to complete career assessments (Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and schedule an interpretation appointment for $50.