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Thank you for recruiting at LC

“No organization ever created an innovation.
People innovate, not companies.”
-Seth Godin

Stay Connected to Top Talent

Let us know how you would like to partner by reaching out to Michael Lee, Assistant Director of Employer & Student Engagement at

***If you are interested in participating in our Career Fairs, please contact Assistant Director of Employer & Student Engagement, Michael Lee.

Here are our main tips for what you can do to stay in touch with L&C Pioneers!

1. Continue Posting Jobs & Internships

Students are seeking opportunities! Keep posting your job and internship opportunities to Handshake.

2. Host Virtual Events

The best fall dates to hold your virtual events for our students include Sept. 13th - Oct. 1st and Oct. 12th - Nov. 12th per our academic calendar.

Consider offering a Q&A session on Zoom, hosting a content talk, or scheduling one on one chats with interested candidates.

You can list your virtual events on Handshake by choosing the event type “Virtual” and entering your event URL in the designated space. If you prefer to provide the URL to only those students who RSVP, type “Virtual” as your event location, then send the information to the list of students who register.

We can help you set up your virtual events! Email your event details to and we will market them to our students directly.

3. Message Candidates Directly

Handshake allows you to directly message students who fit your criteria to be qualified candidates. Using filters, you can search for students and share directly about your organizations’ opportunities.

Direct messages can also drive attendees to your virtual events as well as applicants to your jobs.

Students are understandably anxious, as we all are at this time. Communicating with them early and often will be helpful to ensure you retain a great candidate and reduce their uncertainty about the future.

4. Embrace Digital Recruiting

Handshake has a number of resources to help you explore how to move your recruiting activities online. From webinars to guides and best practices, check out Handshake’s Virtual Toolkit for Employers.

Other digital recruiting resources include:

5. Get Set for Future (In-Person!) Events

We know the direct connection to Pios on campus is an excellent way to source candidates and will remain so in the future. Email Michael Lee to set up a time to talk and strategize about how best to do this in the future.

Don’t hesitate to reach out

We want to hear from you and help you meet your recruiting goals. Feel free to contact Michael Lee, Assistant Director of Employer & Student Engagement, by email or phone at 503.768.7323 if we can assist!