Posting an Opportunity

“Our intern was intelligent, saw opportunities for improvement and was pro-active in carrying out these improvements. The quality of her work exceeded my expectations on many occasions. I could not have wished for any improvements in her work here at Kontera.” -Intern Supervisor, Media Analysis Manager at Kontera

Full-Time & Internship Positions

The Career Center primarily promotes full-time and internship positions for undergraduate students and recent alumni applicants. For details, please read below and review Lewis & Clark’s Handshake Guidelines

All full-time jobs, internships, and part-time jobs with a career development focus are posted through Handshake. It benefits employers to create an account and post positions in Handshake to ensure that you are recruiting the most qualified candidates. With a Handshake account, you have complete control over changes to the recruiting timeline or removal of the posting. Through Handshake, employers have one-click access to many private and public Oregon colleges and universities that utilize Handshake as part of the Oregon College Talent Network.

New Handshake users can go to Handshake and create a profile.

Existing Handshake users do not need to create a new account. Use your current login information, click on “Schools” on the left-hand menu and type in Lewis & Clark College in the search bar to “Request Approval”. Handshake offers step-by-step directions on how to post an active job to additional schools for assistance.

Should you need any assistance please contact Michael Lee, Assistant Director of Employer & Student Engagement.

Part-Time Positions

Part-time positions that have a career-development focus and allow students to gain skills applicable to a post-graduate career may be posted on Handshake. For efficiency, safety, and liability, the college no longer facilitates the sharing of part-time jobs that do not include a career-development focus.

As a courtesy, please consult a list of potential job posting sites for part-time jobs.

Prohibited Postings

The Career Center reserves the right to prohibit the posting of any position in our recruiting system. Employers and third-party recruiting agencies that recruit students and alumni for any of the following types of positions will not be provided with any services.

  • All positions where students would be providing care for private individuals in a private residence.
  • Part-time positions that do not assist students in gaining skills applicable to a post-graduate career.
  • All positions from employers and third-party recruiting organizations that require students and alumni to pay a fee prior to employment.
  • All positions with organizations that provide financial incentives to staff who recruit new hires for the organization and/or for which the recruiting staff member receives a portion of the new hire’s commission.
  • All positions that occur in a cannabis-related organization.


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