For Parents & Families

Families play vital roles in the lives of college students. These strong relationships are significant as the student adjusts to college life, makes effective academic and career choices, and develops self-confidence and a sense of personal autonomy. Parents and families provide the most help when they empower the student to start early in exploring ideas, engaging in the community,  and experiencing a variety of opportunities. Here are a few suggestions for ways you can help:

  • Reinforce that self-discovery occurs in the exploration process.
  • Offer positive encouragement to reflect on strengths.

  • Reassure your student about the importance in understanding of values, interests, and talents.

  • Provide constructive feedback on specific abilities you recognize in the student to help develop a solid sense of self.

Supporting Your Student

Here are our 10 best ideas for you to support your student.

Career Center Road Map (PDF)

The Career Center Road Map is a guide to help each student intentionally plan and reflect upon their 4-year process.

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