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Please read the following information and complete the quiz below for Lewis & Clark College Career Network (L&C Net) access:

The use of the alumni database is a privilege and all information is confidential and not to be distributed or used for solicitation purposes. 

When contacting alumni, please do not ask them for employment. Focus on relationship building and asking questions about their career area, employer, graduate or professional education, professional community, and other appropriate networks. Refer to the Informational Interviewing handout for networking tips.   

Don’t forget, following up with alumni to thank them for their assistance is a definite must! 

We appreciate your courtesy and consideration in the use of this information and best of luck in your endeavors! Contact us for more information or to schedule a career counseling appointment.

Enter “undecided” if undeclared
One can share personal information about alumni members found on L&C Net with others who have not yet signed the L&C Net confidentiality agreement.
Following up with alumni to thank them for their assistance is a must.
One can solicit jobs through L&C Net.
Name one of the ways to schedule an appointment with the Career Center.

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