Mentor Connections


  • Three “virtual coffees” over the course of a semester using video-chat technology to connect with a mentor.
  • Video-chat allows students to make connections with Lewis & Clark mentors who are located not just outside of Portland but all across the globe. 

The Mentor Connections Program has been created by the Lewis & Clark Center for Entrepreneurship to
facilitate mentoring relationships between students of all three campuses and mentors from a broad variety of disciplines and expertise — regardless of geographic location. By implementing video chat
technology, we aim to open up possibilities for dynamic mentoring relationships that would have previously been geographically impossible.

Designed to be supportive and engaging, the Mentor Connection program provides students and mentors with a framework for exchanging real-world perspectives and encouraging individual exploration, making it a strong addition to the Liberal Arts tradition.  

Program Structure

Students have their choice from a directory of mentors, and pairs are made based on the best fit to help the student realize their passion and pursuits.  Our mentors come from a variety of experiences and career backgrounds that range broadly from areas as diverse as education to business, science to law, and environment to media.  

The structure of the program is designed over a twelve week period and provides three “virtual coffee” meetings between the mentor and student.  The mentor and student agree to commit to three 20 minute sessions over the course of the mentorship via an online video meeting tool (see options at the link below).  

The three sessions consist of the following topics and outcomes:

  1. Introductions and starting out

  2. Career Journeys: How do you get there from here? and,
    Professional communities & developing an expertise

  3. Following up and taking action

Link to technical specs: Video Conference Software Comparison (pdf)

For questions about the Mentor Connections Program, please contact the program assistant, Danit Havton, at