Nicolas Wilson

Nicolas Villafuerte Wilson BA '24



Degree and Class Year

BA ’24


Cusco, Peru


Sociology and Anthropology, French Studies

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Tight-knit, Supporting, Caring

Which Career Center program did you participate in?

Hu/Hsieh Internship Grant

Where did you intern this summer?

Paragon One in partnership with PwC and ICD, New York, NY, United States

What did you do at your internship?

During my remote externship, I actively engaged in various meetings, including weekly sessions with the program manager, Christie Andersen, and biweekly meetings with representatives from both PwC and The Institute for Career Development (ICD). As part of my responsibilities, I conducted in-depth case studies, totaling five in number. These studies formed the basis for a comprehensive presentation that featured a comparative analysis of the prevailing social media trends among organizations dedicated to workforce development for youth and adults with disabilities, both within New York and across the United States. The primary objective of this effort was to equip ICD with the necessary tools for enhancing their social media presence, fostering improved stakeholder engagement, and elevating brand awareness. In my presentation, I delivered actionable recommendations to ICD, drawing from exhaustive research, insightful
market mapping, and the judicious utilization of AI-powered tools. This comprehensive approach aimed to leverage ICD’s social media strategy, enhancing their ability to connect with their target audience effectively.

How did Lewis & Clark’s Career Center support you in finding, securing, and/or funding your internship?

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Lewis & Clark’s Career Center for facilitating my participation in this externship. Without the generous support of the Hu/Hsieh Internship Grant, this opportunity would have remained out of reach. It was thanks to this grant that I could comfortably cover my transportation, housing, and food expenses during the externship.

What’s your biggest takeaway from your internship?

Participating in this incredible opportunity, my most significant takeaway is that I gained exposure to multiple fields simultaneously, including the realms of consulting and nonprofit organizations. It’s worth noting that both of these domains closely align with my major, as they represent common career paths for

How is this internship connected to your career goals and/or future aspirations?

As an aspiring anthropologist, this externship provided me with valuable insights into the consulting industry and unveiled my potential in this field. It leaves me feeling encouraged, confirming that I can apply the anthropological and sociological methodologies I’m learning in college to a prospective career in consulting. As I look into the future, I am determined to stay on the consulting path, with the ultimate
dream of securing a position at one of the prestigious firms among The Big Five.

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