February 07, 2022

Week 4 Update, Vice President for Student Life

Happy Monday, Students!

Welcome to Week 4 of spring semester. Well, the day is finally here: you all return to in-person classes today! I want to thank you for your patience, adherence to policies, participating in pre-entry and then entry testing, and your overall cooperation during this quiet period. I know it was not how any of us wanted to begin the semester, but in the end, I think it really paid off. You can see our case numbers below.

I truly hope we are close to rounding the corner regarding COVID, and look forward to opportunities for you to participate, in-person, at the various out-of-the classroom events and social opportunities that make being at college so fun. It is also a good time for you to reflect on ways that you can continue to give back to your LC community as well as enhance your understanding and appreciation for the world around us and those who have shaped it.

February is Black History month. According to a story in NPR, every February, the U.S. honors the contributions and sacrifices of African Americans who have helped shape the nation. Black History Month celebrates the rich cultural heritage, triumphs and adversities that are an indelible part of our country’s history. “There is no American history without African American history,” said Sara Clarke Kaplan, executive director of the Antiracist Research & Policy Center at American University in Washington, D.C. The Black experience, she said, is embedded in “everything we think of as ‘American history.’ “

LC offers a variety of ways for you to explore and reflect on the influences of African Americans and the history of this country. LC’s Center for Social Change and Community Invovlement’s Lunch and Lead Series: Black History Month on February 10, is a great opportunity to interact with your peers regarding African American history. Or check out the multitude of Black History Month events offered through the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Education. And remember, supporting all aspects of the community, educating yourself about the history of our country, and reflecting on the impact African Americans have made on the United States can and should go well beyond one month of the year.

Here is the latest regarding positive COVID cases:

  • COVID-19 cases: We tested a total of 460 individuals early last week. Of the 460 tested, we have had a total of 4 total positive cases administered by the college for an overall positivity rate of 1.53%. We are awaiting complete results of the tests from Wednesday’s and Thursday’s clinics and will report those to the campus as soon as we have all results.

As I mentioned in my last column, at-home testing is also going to be an important part of our strategy this semester. Please be sure that you have a supply of at-home antigen tests at your disposal. We recently sent you a communication about how you can order your 4 free tests from the government—please do so! However, let us know at covid10info@lclark.edu if you are experiencing any difficulty securing at-home antigen test kits, and we are happy to help. And remember, if you are symptomatic, you should isolate, report your symptoms through the SCARF and seek testing from our Health Service.

All the best,
Robin H. Holmes-Sullivan
Vice President and Dean of Students