October 12, 2020

Message to all CAS Students about Plans for Spring Semester

We hope your fall semester is going well. We’re so glad you’re a part of the community and grateful for the ways we’ve come together–in person and online–to stay safe and adapt to new ways of conducting class. There have been very few cases of COVID and we’ve had widespread cooperation with our health and safety guidelines.

Advising for spring semester course registration will begin soon, and we want to give you some information about your options for living and learning at LC this spring. We recognize that students have different living situations, health needs, and learning styles, so we’ve made it possible to choose whether to access all of your classes from campus or from a remote location. It does take time for us to plan and coordinate those options, and that’s why we’re asking you now to let us know if you are going to change where you live or how you access classes in the spring.

If you plan to access classes in the spring the same way you did in the fall, and if you have already confirmed your living arrangements for spring, you don’t need to do anything more.

If you are thinking about making a change for spring, please read carefully the following options and then let us know by the relevant deadline that you want to make a change.

Your Options for Spring 2021

Option 1: Take courses on campus, live on campus.

You can take in-person-only, hybrid, or online courses. In-person-only and hybrid courses require attendance for in-person components of the class.

Option 2: Take courses on campus, live off campus.

You can take in-person-only, hybrid, or online courses. In-person-only and hybrid courses require attendance for in-person components of the class.

Option 3: Take all courses remotely, and stay completely off campus.

You can take all of your courses remotely all semester long, including hybrid courses, if you agree not to come to campus for any reason. You should not sign up for any courses that are designated “in person only.”

Option 4: Appeal to take all courses remotely but retain some limited essential access to campus.

There are a few students who have a health reason to not take any classes in person but also some other compelling reason (e.g., financial need, housing or food insecurity, reliance on campus health services for health care) that warrants some access to campus. Please note that we have not approved appeals based on convenience or transportation or requests to take some hybrid classes remotely and others in person.

Note: Through your course registration, you can select courses that are in-person-only, hybrid, or online. However, it is not possible to ask to attend some of your hybrid courses in person and other hybrid courses remotely. Tracking that level of complexity would make it too difficult to achieve important goals such as de-densifying the campus, carrying out rapid and efficient testing and contact tracing, and planning cohorts that make in-person instruction possible.


  • If you live on campus and wish to move off campus, or if you live off campus and wish to move on campus, you must complete this form to notify Campus Living by Wednesday, October 28. This allows time to allocate rooms and match roommates.
  • If you are not changing where you live, but you wish to change whether you access classes remotely or in-person, you must complete this form by Thursday, November 19. Knowing your choice allows us to adjust classroom assignments and plan cohorts for hybrid courses.
  • If you choose option 4, your appeal will be reviewed by a committee. If your appeal is not approved, we want to make sure you have time to make another choice, so the deadline for selecting this option is Wednesday, October 21.

Please pay close attention to these deadlines. If you miss the deadline for your preferred option, or you change your mind later, we will do our best to help, but we cannot guarantee your option.


If you have questions about housing, please contact Campus Living (living@lclark.edu). For information about taking courses in-person or remotely, contact the CAS Dean’s Office (casdean@lclark.edu).

Click HERE to access the form for letting us know that you will be making a change in the spring.