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Welcome to Campus, Students - from the Division of Student Life!

July 21, 2020

We are so glad that you are here, and we look forward to an exciting year on campus. COVID-19 has really changed things and we will need all of your help in order to keep our community safe. Our new motto, “We before me, for LC”, captures our values and our commitment to keeping students, staff, and faculty as safe and healthy as possible during this time of the pandemic. Here are a couple of suggestions that we would like to provide, as well as information about expectations for all students:

Before You Travel to Campus

Coronavirus cases have been surging in areas of the United States, as well as internationally. Lewis & Clark College is dedicated to protecting the health of our students, faculty, and staff. Committing to the various prevention and mitigation measures outlined below may be the most effective way to keep the disease from arriving on campus.

All students are expected to make a concerted effort to reduce their social contact and engagements as much as possible 2 weeks prior to coming to campus. This means avoiding any high risk behaviors such as attending parties and large gatherings, and interacting with anyone other than your family or small pod of friends/roommates with whom you have an established connection. We understand that for some of you, self-isolating for two weeks might not be feasible. If that is the case, we recommend that you obtain a COVID-19 test before you come to campus.

Two important links for you: