Scholarship Support

Supporting scholarships gives life to your values

At Lewis & Clark, 78 percent of our undergraduates rely on financial aid to start and continue their uncommon journeys. Your scholarship gifts enhance access, academic quality, outcomes, and diversity of ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds among students.

Why support scholarships? Simple, says Andrea Stout Dover ’83: “The world desperately needs people who demonstrate clear thinking, strong communication skills, and cultural sensitivity—the liberal arts values you gain at Lewis & Clark.”

  • I want every student to experience a college that will allow them to grow as a person and help prepare them for the future.Michael Anders ’91

  • Giving back is my way of staying connected to campus and my college experience.Kirk Reynolds ’86

  • Lewis & Clark’s emphases on writing and critical thinking and its ability to nurture a curiosity about the world have all served me well.Dan Drazen ’01

  • I love Lewis & Clark. I want to keep our institution strong and help it grow.Daena Goldsmith ’86

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships provide a steady and reliable stream of support. These funds generally grow over time, generating income for many of our scholarship awards. When you give to an endowed scholarship, you are making a personal and immediate impact on the lives of our students.

Annual Scholarships

Annually funded scholarships are a critical part of our financial aid program. Your continuing support ensures that these scholarships will be available each year.

Donors can support deserving students with a minimum contribution of $5,000 per year over four years. Support an annual scholarship by using our online form or visiting How To Make a Gift. Please contact the development office at 503-768-7900 to discuss your interests and options.

You can view the entire list of Lewis & Clark Annual Scholarship Funds and support Lewis & Clark students through a gift to one of these existing scholarships.