Endowed Scholarships

A. William Sweet Scholarship
AB Smith Scholarship
Adolph and Sybil Simons Memorial Scholarship
Albert and Faye Luethi Memorial Scholarship
Allen and Alberta Grubb Scholarship
Alois C. Begliner Memorial Scholarship
Alpha Gamma Sorority Scholarship
Althea and Robert Dorman Memorial Scholarship
Alumni Leadership Scholarship
Ambassador Toshikazu Kase Scholarship
Anderegg Family Scholarship
Angela Jung and Juliane Wuttig Scholarship
Archie E. Bradshaw Scholarship
Arlee Bragg Scholarship
Art Scholarship
Arthur A. Riedel Scholarship
Arthur and Amy Fields Scholarship
Aubrey R. Watzek Scholarship
Avery H. Steinmetz Memorial Scholarship
Bailey Concertmaster Scholarship
Barbara Bayley LaTour Family Scholarship
Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarship
Barbara Sheidler Bartholomew Scholarship
Berg Family Scholarship
Bertha O. Bodine Memorial Scholarship
Bertha Tarr Mitchell Scholarship
Betsy A. Russell Scholarship
Betty Jane Miller Memorial Scholarship
Bill Brooks Memorial Scholarship
Biosciences Scholarship
Board of Trustees Scholarship
C. Howard Lane Scholarship
C. Roy and Winifred Zehntbauer Scholarship
Calvin B. Souther Scholarship
Carl M. Halvorson Scholarship
Carl O. Peterson Scholarship
Carl W. Mays Jr. Scholarship
Carol J. Harland Scholarship
Caroline Kinsey Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn J. Williams ’80 Scholarship
Carolyn M. Pritchard Art Scholarship
CAS Endowed Scholarship
Catharine and Raymond F. Fisher Scholarship
Catherine Krussel Memorial Scholarship
Catherine R. Beggs Scholarship
Charles and Pauline Gurney Memorial Scholarship
Charles C. Spalding Scholarship
Charles E. Rawlinson Scholarship
Charles F. Adams Scholarship
Charles Haldors Memorial Scholarship
Christine Fredricks Smith Memorial Scholarship
Clara Ramsden South Scholarship
Class of 1949 Scholarship
Class of 1950 Terry Cady Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1951 Scholarship
Class of 1952 Scholarship
Class of 1953 Scholarship
Class of 1954 Scholarship
Class of 1955 Scholarship
Class of 1957 Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship
Class of 1959 Scholarship
Class of 1960 Scholarship
Classes of 1956/2006 Scholarship
Clausen Family Scholarship
Craig F. Courtemanche Scholarship
Cynthia Lois Brown Organ Scholarship
D. Hugh and Phrynette A. Peniston Scholarship
David B. and Barbara W. Simpson Scholarship
David G. and Jeanne M. Ellis Scholarship
David L. Lanier Scholarship
Dean Sempert Scholarship
Dede King Memorial Scholarship
Donald and Donna Rochon Scholarship
Donald B. Pooley Scholarship
Donald E. and Emily G. Kontz Memorial Scholarship
Donald G. Balmer Scholarship
Donald P. Ostensoe Class of 1953 Scholarship
Dorothy Haldors Memorial Scholarship
Douglas Clark Gregg Memorial Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. B.U. Chung Music Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. B.U. Chung Pre-Med Scholarship
Dr. Hiroshi Mihara Scholarship
Dr. Jack M. Williams ’60 Scholarship
Dr. Marilyn A. Nelson Doctors for Doctors Scholarship
Dr. Marius and Vinnie Marcellus Scholarship
Dubchansky Family Scholarship
Dusenbery Scholarship
E. Victor Creed Scholarship
Earl D. Wantland Scholarship
Edith T. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Edna Holmes Scholarship
Edward and Rose Bensel Memorial Scholarship
Edward Rounds and Callae Walcott-Rounds Scholarship
Edward S. and Joan F. Smith Scholarship
Edwin M. Stanley Scholarship
Ellen Franco Cox Scholarship
Emanuel Rose Scholarship
Emily D. Reed Scholarship
Emily Morningstar Scholarship
Emma B. Schade Memorial Scholarship
Eric and Janet Parsons Scholarship
Erin Paige Robinson Scholarship
Esther A. Blackwood Scholarship
Esther and Edward Lee Scholarship
Eugene H. and Colista Dowling Memorial Scholarship
Eugene M. Booth Scholarship
Eva Priestley Kornbrodt Scholarship
Evelyn M. Hill Scholarship
Finley P. Mullins Scholarship
Florence Peebles Science Scholarship
Floyd R. Marsh Scholarship
Francis W. and Jessie L. Brodie Memorial Scholarship
Frank and Maude E. Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Franz Drinker Scholarship
Fred W. and Mildred Neal Scholarship
Frederick D. and Gail Y. Jubitz Foundation Scholarship
Frederick S. Frank Memorial Scholarship
Freeda Hartzfeld and Arthur C. Jones Scholarship
Garland G. Hurley Memorial Scholarship
George and Eleanor Beard Memorial Scholarship
George F. Aberle Scholarship
George J. and Mittie D. Bishop Scholarship
George R. Blodgett Memorial Scholarship
Gerry Crockwell Scholarship
Gerry Pratt Scholarship
Gertrude Julie Holden Memorial Scholarship
Global Pioneers Overseas Study Scholarship
Goldie Chan Lam Scholarship
Grace Prewitt Kralovec Scholarship
Grace Spacht Memorial Scholarship
Grant V. Frey Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Greg Caldwell Scholarship
GRT International Scholarship
H. Adunni Warren Scholarship
H. DeWayne Kreager Scholarship
H.J. and Kui H. Park Scholarship
Hall Templeton Scholarship
Hammett Bress Family Scholarship
Harold A. Miller Scholarship
Harriet Drake Scholarship
Harry Hampton Scholarship
Harry J. Casey Scholarship
Harry T. Nicholai Memorial Scholarship
Heidi Hu and Daniel Hsieh Endowed Scholarship
Helen Maguire Memorial Scholarship
Helen Sanders Scholarship
Henry A. Walker Jr. Scholarship
Herbert H. Goodman Memorial Scholarship
Herman and Velda Turner Scholarship
Herman R. and Alma Jean Inman Memorial Scholarship
Hjalmer W. and Pauline Nordstrom Scholarship
Hopkins-Blemker Memorial Scholarship
Hortense L. Eulrich Scholarship
Howard Ross Warren Memorial Scholarship
Hubert E. Walker and Frances D. Walker Memorial Scholarship
International Affairs Scholarship
Irene W.D. Hecht Scholarship
Irvin D. and Ruth K. Custer Memorial Scholarship
Jack and Alice Baxter Scholarship
Jack H. Burns Scholarship
James F. Miller Scholarship
Jane Monnig Atkinson Scholarship
Jane W. Noon Scholarship
Jean M. Ward Forensics Scholarship
Jean M. Ward Scholarship
Jean McCracken Memorial Scholarship
Jennifer O’Brien ’92 Overseas Study Scholarship
Joan H. Smith Scholarship
Joan I. Green Scholarship
John A. Gomez Scholarship
John and Phoebe Dierdorff Scholarship
John and Ruth Howard Scholarship
John B. Piacentini Scholarship
John Howard Connolly Memorial Scholarship
John Lang and Sarah Park Anderson Memorial Scholarship
John M. Allen Scholarship
John R. Howard Scholarship
John S. Martin Memorial Scholarship
John Stark Evans Memorial Scholarship
John T. Lansing Scholarship
John V. Baumler Memorial Scholarship
John W. Beard Memorial Scholarship
Johnnie and Dolly Shea Memorial Scholarship
Katherine M. Arthur Memorial Scholarship
Katherine Sabin Arnold Scholarship
Kenneth Lewis Scholarship
Kent Philip Swanson Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Biology
Kent Philip Swanson Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Ceramics and Visiting Artist Fund
Kimberli Ransom ’91 Overseas Scholarship
Kristin Ann Olson Memorial Scholarship
L. Stanley Glarum Music Scholarship
Laurence L. Shaw Scholarship
Leon Pike/Edgar Reynolds Scholarship
Leona Weatherford Memorial Scholarship
Leonard A. Forsgren Memorial Scholarship
Lester W. Spillane Scholarship
Lewis and Rachel Thayer Memorial Scholarship
Lise J. and Evan T. Williams Scholarship
Lloyd K. and Ana Maria Hulse Scholarship
Lynn Sabin Scholarship
Mabel M. Akin Scholarship
Major Mission Scholarship
Margaret E. Jennings Scholarship
Marion Vester Scholarship
Martha J. Crick Memorial Scholarship
Mary Bishop Scholarship
Mary Dimond Scholarship
Mary Hooper Drabkin ’53 and Murray Drabkin Scholarship
Mary Maletis Scholarship
Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship
Mary V. and Broughton H. Bishop Undergraduate Scholarship
Mathematics Alumni Scholarship
Matthew M. Brown Memorial Overseas Study Scholarship
Max D. and Rose E. Tucker Memorial Scholarship
Megan E. Spalding History Overseas Scholarship
Merrill Scholarship
Michael and Mary Lynn Ford Scholarship
Michael J. and Carol L. Akers Scholarship
Michael Richman Memorial Scholarship
Michael St. Peter Scholarship
Monroe A. Jubitz Memorial Scholarship
Nathalia L. Kolliner Scholarship
Nellie Tholen Scholarship
Nick Sylvester Scholarship
Opal N. Jones Memorial Scholarship
Ovregaard Family Scholarship
Owen M. Panner Scholarship
Patrick and Elaine Maveety Scholarship for Oregon Students
Paul T. Neely Scholarship
Paul T. Shaw Memorial Scholarship
Philip S. Hill Scholarship
Professor Stephen Dow Beckham Scholarship
Quinn Family Scholarship
Ralph L. Blachly Scholarship
Raphael Spiro Memorial Music Scholarship
Raymond F. and Alice E. Brown Scholarship
Raymond G. Jensen ’50 Memorial Scholarship
Reader’s Digest Scholarship
Regis Burke Family Scholarship
Reinhard and Constance Pauly Orchestral Strings Scholarship
Richard and Miriam Rohrbaugh International Studies Scholarship
Richard B. Keller Scholarship
Richard M. Rubin Memorial Scholarship
Riley Zickel Music Scholarship
Robert A. and Jenne G. Sprouse Scholarship
Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Scholarship
Robert B. Pamplin Sr. Scholarship
Robert Dusenbery Memorial Scholarship
Robert E. Flowerree Scholarship
Robert L. Arthur Memorial Scholarship
Robert L. Ridgley Scholarship
Robert M. and Jean K. Ewalt Julier Scholarship
Robert T. and Mary E. Catlin Memorial Scholarship
Robert V. and Margaret Kratzig Memorial Scholarship
Robert W. Roth Scholarship
Ronald K. and Lee B. Ragen Scholarship
Ronna Hoffman Scholarship
Roscoe and Bertha Fanning Scholarship
Ross and Jennie McIntyre Memorial Scholarship
Ruth E. Clark Scholarship
Ruth Roberts Templeton Scholarship
Sack Family Scholarship
Samuel S. Johnson Scholarship
Sarah Merner Lawrence Memorial Scholarship
Schurtz-Ford Scholarship
Sheila A. Gallagher Scholarship
Sheryl Reed Smith Memorial Scholarship
Shirley Anne Hawke Scholarship
Sidney and S. Faye Walker Memorial Scholarship
Sidney F. Woodbury Scholarship
Spencer Family Overseas Study Scholarship
Stamm Family Scholarship
Steele-Reese Scholarship
Stephen and Andrea Dover Scholarship
Stephen Crawford Loveless ’72 Memorial Scholarship
Stephen M. Spalding Scholarship
Steve Haldors Scholarship
Steven B. Hunt Forensics Scholarship
Steven D. Crow Scholarship
Sue Ellen Markey and James W. Boyd Grant for Overseas Study
Summit Scholarship
Susan C. Stark Scholarship
Susan Wilcox Memorial Scholarship
Terry Angell Memorial Scholarship
The International Student Scholarship
Thomas D. Dee III and Candace Cartwright Dee Scholarship
Thomas Monteith Memorial Scholarship
Thomas R. Montgomery Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Tom M. Castlen Scholarship
Vera Rebecca Gaittens Scholarship
Vincent P. de Poix Scholarship
W. Burns Hoffman Scholarship
W. Calder McCall Scholarship
Waldo and Elsie Richmond Scholarship
Wallace Howe Lee Memorial Scholarship
Walter M. Miller Scholarship
Walter S. and Nellie D. Kirby Scholarship
Warren Hunter Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Warrington-Wojtyla Scholarship
Wayne D. Pederson Scholarship
Wendy and Rod Bond Overseas Study Scholarship
Wesley Jones Memorial Scholarship
Wessinger Foundation Scholarship
Westcott Scholarship
William A. and Effie S. Brushoff International Student Scholarship
William and Frances E. Kerr Scholarship
William Henry Thomas International Friendship Scholarship
William J. Ingram Scholarship
William M. Stebbins Memorial Scholarship
William O. Hall Memorial Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Undergraduate Scholarship
William Swindells, Sr. Scholarship
Winifred Zehntbauer Scholarship