Huston Sports Complex Renovation

The “We Believe!” Project at Lewis & Clark

Transforming the Joe Huston Memorial Sports Complex

“This important project will produce necessary improvements to our Joe Huston Sports Complex, benefiting our student-athletes and honoring a legendary Pio, Jerry Gatto.” –– President Wim Wiewel

Lewis & Clark is raising funds to transform our existing Joe Huston Memorial Sports Complex into a state-of the-art facility that is among the best in the Northwest Conference. We are:

  • Strengthening our baseball and softball programs.
  • Expanding our varsity sports to include men’s soccer and women’s lacrosse.
  • Honoring the late Jerry Gatto, winningest coach in school history. 

Originally built as a practice and intramural facility, Huston Sports Complex was upgraded to become the permanent home of Pioneer baseball and softball in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Located just behind the Law School campus, it has been modified piecemeal over the years and was last updated in 2010.

The “We Believe!” Project accomplishes these strategic objectives:

  • Extends vital physical education and athletic opportunities to more students.
  • Enhances athletic and recreational programs that build character and success.
  • Strengthens our competitive edge by updating and expanding our facilities.

“As a student-athlete, DIII is the perfect balance of athletics and academics.
The ability to thrive in both the classroom and the ballpark is unparalleled.”

–– Brett Sterrer, Class of 2021, RHP, Martinez, California
Major: Economics Minor: Political Economy

Why honor Jerry Gatto?

A dynamic and inspiring leader on and off the diamond, Jerry Gatto led the Pioneers for 22 seasons as baseball coach (1981–2002). He also served as director of athletics for three years and director of athletics development for 10 years. Jerry died in 2019 at age 80.

He will forever be remembered for his “I Believe!” philosophy of coaching and of life: “Believe in yourself. Believe in your teammates. Believe something good is going to happen. And believe, through hard work, success will be achieved.”

By fully renovating the diamond and naming it the Jerry Gatto Baseball Field, and by embedding his “I Believe!” motto in a permanent memorial plaza, this project extends Jerry’s profound legacy to generations of young women and men who share his dedication to “Building Champions” through classroom, competition, character, and community.

Building the Way to Student Success

Our institutional strategic plan, Exploring for the Global Good, underscores the integral role that athletics and recreational sports play in our goal of developing the student as a whole person. In fact, 19 percent of our students compete at the varsity level and many more participate in club and recreational sports. With the addition of men’s soccer and women’s lacrosse as varsity sports, we will increase our ability to attract and retain a broader range of students and expand opportunities for more students to realize the benefits of being NCAA Division III athletes. 

Strengthening Our Competitive Edge

The “We Believe!” Project will transform the Huston Sports Complex into an athletics facility that showcases the talent and competitive spirit of our student-athletes, affirms Lewis & Clark’s enduring commitment to the central role of sports and recreation in student life, and celebrates our rich sports heritage. In addition to featuring a fully-turfed field, it ensures that key components—including clubhouse, dugouts, batting cages, press box, and stadium seating—are upgraded to meet or exceed current standards in the Northwest Conference. The project’s memorial plaza includes features that honor our long baseball history. 

Naming Opportunities

Jerry Gatto Baseball Field                              $1,500,000

  • Install artificial turf over the entire infield, outfield, and bullpen.
  • Upgrade dugouts to achieve or exceed parity with NWC.
  • Upgrade stadium seating and press box to achieve or exceed parity with NWC.


Naming Opportunity: Softball Field               $1,000,000

  • Install artificial turf over the entire infield, outfield, and bullpen.
  • Upgrade dugouts to achieve or exceed parity with NWC.
  • Upgrade seating to achieve or exceed parity with NWC.


Naming Opportunity: Clubhouse                   $750,000

  • Build a team clubhouse with locker rooms that achieve or exceed parity with NWC.


Naming Opportunity: Memorial Plaza           $500,000

  • Create a gated-entrance plaza that displays Jerry Gatto’s “I Believe!” philosophy and celebrates the people and moments who have made Lewis & Clark baseball what it is and what it aspires to be.


Naming Opportunity: Batting Cages              $500,000

  • Upgrade and enclose the batting cages to achieve or exceed parity with NWC. 

Believe! Act! Give!

Gifts of any amount are needed and welcomed. “We Believe!” includes all of us, working together as one team. Your gift today joins with others to make this “something good” happen. Remember: “Through hard work, success will be achieved!”

Information on Giving Opportunities

Rebecca Holt BA ’01, MA ’09, Senior Development Officer