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Giving to the College

LC Philanthropy Council

Lewis & Clark Philanthropy Council is a group of alumni and parent volunteers who are committed to growing philanthropy at Lewis & Clark. Through outreach to their peers, they seek to grow the community of support. Members make a noticeable difference on campus.

The Philanthropy Council concentrates its work three times (or sessions) per year: fall, around LC Day of Giving in early spring, and May. Alumni from classes celebrating a reunion also help on the reunion committee.

While on the Philanthropy Council, members learn how to talk with peers about giving to the College. They are given the tools and training needed to be successful. As a benefit, members grow their networks and learn valuable skills for their careers or other volunteering purposes.

If you are interested in serving on LC Philanthropy Council, fill out this volunteer form today.

Questions? Contact Philanthropy Council coordinator, Julie Newsome, Associate Director of Annual Giving, at or 503-768-7963.

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This year’s session dates are:
October 17, 2018 - November 14, 2018
February 25, 2019 - March 22, 2019
May 9, 2019 - June 6, 2019


Class Associates from each graduating class encourage classmate giving through various forms of outreach. Their main goals are to increase alumni giving participation and to increase alumni donations.

Learn more about Class Associates.


Class Member Roster

2018: Arianne Melton, Mariah Ash

2017: Lexi Kelley, Olive Bernstein

2016: Daniela (Lopez) Mrabti, Leann Knapp, Hannah Luzadder

2015: Lincoln Boyd

2014: Samuel Lehman, Tyler Church

2013: Anthony Ruiz, Tiffany Wang

2012: Sam Courtain, Anna (Holmes) Mass

2011: Lindsey Antos, Caitlin MacKenzie, Aukeem Ballard

2010: Whitney (Gall) Willis

2008: Eric Atcheson

2007: Craig Gilden, Tanya Sloan

2006: Brandon Berg

2005: Brian Federico

2003: Brenda Michels, Bryan Cooley

2001: Alana Ruprecht, Benita Riesgraf

2000: Stephen LeBoutillier

1999: George W. Kline, Hillary Dixon, Heather Kalowsky, Nicole Miranda, Gregorio Ribeiro de Silva

1998: Justin Henderson, Marnie Troska, Jen Cyphers

1994: Kevin Wasbauer

1993: Ingri Quon, Nathan Trueblood

1992: Edgard Garcia, Jerry Walker, Ruthe Farmer

1991: Bracken White

1989: Andrea Ball

1988: John Aney, Mary Dakin, Sarah Holtzclaw

1987: Tania Weerasooria

1986: Henry Thompson, Jeff Fellows

1985: Laura McGeever, Carl Horton, David Fierberg, Renee Kotz, Catherine Gibson

1984: Glenn Fout

1983: Grant Frey, Jonathan Burton, Kelli Smith

1981: Lee Weinstein

1979: Katie Byrnes, Kimberly Warren Zeren, Carla Hernandez

1978: Jack Osborn, Jim Robertson, KT Whitehead

1977: Chris Ohman

1976: Mike Kasperzak

1975: Cathy Kirkland*, Janet Hall Schempf

1974: Maria Hein

1973: Dave Albertine

1972: Christopher Jay

1971: Fred Viehe

1969: Marcia Hilton, Vicki Kreimeyer, Anne Caputo, Paula Henry Janz

1968: Frank Dillow, Rob Rynerson, Mary Devlin

1964: Elisabeth Hampton-Gray


Also serve on reunion committee

Also serve as a Class Director

* Also serve as the Chair


Parent Associates encourage other parents from their student’s class to give. Their main objective is to increase parent engagement and giving.

Learn more about Parent Associates.


Parent Member Roster

Liz Moress P’22

Lynne Bulens P’22

Ruth Chang P’21

Patty Grossman P’21

Kelly Cytron P’21

Sarah Farnsworth P’21

John Kamysz P’20

Alice Boytz P’20

Jen Dahnert P’19

Moira Jones P’17

Katie Byrnes P’15