Zehntbauer Improvement Fund

Progress Report

November 2020

Zehntbauer Banners

New colorful banners grace the walls of Zehntbauer.

Zehntbauer Swim Pavilion was built in 1969 on the site of the old gym that burned down in 1966. Compared to the newer facilities of some of our rivals, it was certainly showing its age. No doubt about it, Zehntbauer was in need of a facelift.

Thanks to the dedication and generosity of our swim team parents, we’re pleased to report that more than $11,000 was raised to improve the look of the facility! The new banners look great, and more improvements are on the way. The pandemic has greatly slowed our ability to get materials and installations accomplished, but we’re well on our way to making Zehntbauer a more inviting place for our student-athletes and guests.

Thank you to the following individuals for stepping up to make these needed improvements:

  • David Anderson and Laura Petrie Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Lisa Ballatore and Randy Champagne
  • Josephine Chang
  • Stephanie and Thomas Couch
  • Sarah Farnsworth and Alexander Shepel
  • Troy Fiddler and Elizabeth Odell-Fiddler
  • Hilary and Shaun Greener
  • Dan and Pam Kates
  • Kathleen Murray
  • Sherry Norman
  • Patricia Orness
  • Annabelle Rousseau

For more information on how to support the Pioneer swim team, please visit this page or email giving@lclark.edu.