Student Crowdfunding Policy and Procedures

Prior to starting a crowdfunding project, it is the project leader’s responsibility to review, understand and agree to the following Lewis & Clark College crowdfunding policies and procedures. The Advancement department reserves the right to amend these guidelines at any time.


To regulate how Lewis & Clark College students and student-led organizations solicit donations for College programs and activities from the general public using crowdfunding.

Terms and Conditions

The Assistant Director of Annual Giving, in conjunction with the Advancement department, will determine the eligibility of participating projects. All projects must comply with the institution’s mission. Proposed projects cannot violate any laws or LC policies. The Assistant Director of Annual Giving reserves the right to decline any project based on content or discontinue an active project at any time due to changes in the group’s eligibility status or failure to comply with these procedures.

Approved Platforms

To ensure that all donations to college initiatives and programs are received, acknowledged, and properly receipted, students and student-led organizations who submit a crowdfunding application may only use platforms approved by the College. This includes but is not limited to Lewis & Clark College web pages and GiveCampus, a social fundraising platform.

The Assistant Director of Annual Giving will review each application to determine the approved platform that is most suitable for the proposed project.

Third-Party Platforms

Students and student-led organizations are discouraged from conducting a crowdfunding project on a third-party platform (Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc.), they may not do so in the name of Lewis & Clark College or on behalf of any programs or organizations affiliated with the College. In addition, they may not use the College’s name, or any of its marks or symbols for any purpose unless explicitly granted permission in writing by the Advancement department.

Students and student-led organizations may not use Lewis & Clark College student, faculty, staff, alumni, or donor data in the execution of a crowdfunding project on a third-party platform unless approved by the Advancement department.

If an applicant is approved to use another platform, they must be able to provide all gift data to the Advancement department in a form acceptable to that department for recording the gift.

Application and Approval

In order for a Lewis & Clark College student or student-led organization to crowdfund on GiveCampus, use constituent data provided by the College, or organize a crowdfunding project with assistance from the Advancement department, they must complete a crowdfunding application. Applications will be reviewed by the Assistant Director of Annual Giving.

Based on the details provided in the application, the Assistant Director of Annual Giving will work with the student(s) or student-led organization to determine appropriate next steps. If an application is not approved, the Assistant Director of Annual Giving will provide reasons why the crowdfunding project was declined. Applicants may resolve concerns and reapply.

All applications must be approved by and include contact information for the organization’s staff/faculty advisor.

All projects must have an existing Lewis & Clark College fund into which donations will be deposited. New funds cannot be created for a crowdfunding effort.

Receipt of Donations

Individuals who donate to an approved crowdfunding project will receive an acknowledgement notice and tax-deductible receipt from the College. Donors who provide their personal contact information may receive future stewardship or annual giving solicitations.

Consent to Use Likeness

By submitting an application, students and student-led organizations consent to the College using their project details and likeness for marketing purposes.