Getting Involved

There are many ways to support Lewis & Clark through volunteering, from working on behalf of admissions to helping plan your reunion. As your reunion approaches, one of the ways you can help is as a reunion gift volunteer.

Reunion Gift Volunteers

Reunion gift volunteers play an integral part in strengthening the Lewis & Clark community and in supporting the College. Volunteers like you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), get in touch with classmates, and remind everyone of the importance of giving as they fundraise for their reunion class gift.

Reunion giving succeeds because of dedicated alumni volunteers. A classmate’s words and good name are highly valued—you can touch your classmates’ hearts and minds in a meaningful way. As a reunion gift volunteer, you can help your classmates achieve, and often exceed, your reunion gift goals.  

Through the reunion gift program, everyone wins—your class takes pride in its accomplishment and today’s students benefit immediately from your gifts!

There are many ways to help with your reunion class gift. To join the fun contact Stephen LeBoutillier at or 503-768-7940.

What do reunion class agents do?
  1. Make a financial commitment to your reunion gift at a level that is personally meaningful. Reunion class agents set the example for their class by making a “stretch” gift in their reunion year. They lead the charge.                  
  2. Sign your reunion giving letters and add personal notes to them. Personalization is what makes the program so successful. The annual giving staff will provide as much assistance as you want.
  3. Sign thank you postcards to classmates who make a gift and add a personal note whenever possible.
  4. You will have the opportunity to connect with classmates by phone, e-mail, or in person to ask for renewed or increased support. Annual giving staff will work with you to select classmates who would benefit from this personal contact.
  5. As needed, help annual giving staff to recruit additional classmates to share these responsibilities.
What is the reunion class gift?

Your reunion class gift is the total of your class’s gifts to Annual Fund. One of the first acts of reunion gift volunteers is to work together and with the annual giving staff to determine a participation goal and total giving goal for your class. Volunteers announce the total participation rate and amount of money raised during Reunion Weekend.

How much time do reunion class agents volunteer?

Reunion class agents typically begin work one year before their June Reunion and continue to work through the reunion itself and for one month thereafter. We estimate that, overall, this volunteer position will take 1-3 hours of your time per month, depending on your communication preferences.

Is the number of reunion gift volunteers limited?

No. Each class benefits from having several volunteers.


Reunion class agents are an important part of Lewis & Clark’s fund-raising efforts. The work is fun and rewarding, and provides a great opportunity to get back in touch with your classmates. Serve your class. Help Lewis & Clark continue to improve on its tradition of excellence. Be a reunion gift volunteer!