Reunion Years

As a Philanthropy Council Class Associate, you grow the philanthropic connection between your classmates and the college. You serve an important role on the Lewis & Clark Philanthropy Council (LCPC), contributing to LCPC’s overarching goals of increasing alumni participation and dollars raised.

This year, classes ending in 0 and 5 are celebrating a reunion in June 2020. As a Class Associate from one of these years, you’ll connect with your classmates to also encourage them to attend their reunion and participate in the class gift.

Each year, LCPC sets goals for class associates. In 2018, the council elected to align its annual goals with the goals of the current strategic plan. In general, class associate goals include:

  • Increase the number of alumni giving.
  • Raise a certain amount of funds through personal outreach.

For your reunion class gift, there are two additional goals for just your class:

  • A certain number of classmate donors (participation)
  • A certain number of dollars raised (dollars)

Class Associate (Reunion Year) Duties

  • Practice what you preach – give before the first session each year
  • Select 10-40 classmates to personally steward throughout the year
  • Ask classmates to give via email, phone calls, and/or personal notes
  • Also serve as giving representative on reunion committee
  • Participate in monthly reunion planning conference calls (December-May)
  • Encourage classmates to attend reunion in June
  • Post, like, and share about giving to LC on social media
  • Personally thank classmates when they give
  • Read and actively participate in LCPC communications and trainings
  • Attend your class reunion June 25-28, 2020

Time Commitment

There are three month-long working sessions each year. Exact dates will be posted on the website, but in general, there is a session in the fall, winter, and spring.

Each session, you’ll spend about 5-10 hours volunteering (or 1-2 hours per week) depending on how many classmates you select. For the year you’re celebrating a reunion, there are an additional 1-2 hours each month during February through June.

Your time as a Class Associate is not termed. However, we do ask you serve at least one year. After one year as a Class Associate, you are eligible to become a Class Director.

You are supported! Annual Giving offers several ways to help you become more confident in your role. Some of those ways include:

  • A robust online platform (PioConnect)
  • Comprehensive materials
  • Examples and templates
  • Conference calls
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Video trainings
  • Regular, open communication
  • LCPC Class Listserv to communicate with other Class Associates

Join Lewis & Clark Philanthropy Council and make a difference! You’ll bring your classmates closer together and foster a community of philanthropy. It can’t happen without you.

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