Current Senate Legislation



Legislation Templates

Use the following documents if you wish to bring legislation to the Senate floor or to prompt change on campus. Please make a copy of the document for your drive and then edit your copy. For more information, contact the ASB Chief Justice ( or Vice President (

Bill Template (To amend the Governing Documents)

Resolution Template (to make a statement, decoration, demand, etc.)

2022-2023 Senate Legislation

Senate Bills

SP23 SB006 - A Bill to Add a Treasurer to SAAB and Amend Honoraria Amounts (Passed)
SP23 SB007 - A Bill to Establish Special Sessions (Passed)

FA22 SB001 - A Bill to Create More Accessible Elections (Failed)

FA22 SB002 - A Bill to Establish When the SRC Discretionary Fund Application is Open (Passed)

FA22 SB003 - A Bill To Streamline the Updating of Election Bylaws (Failed)

FA22 SB004 - A Bill to Create a Curriculum Committee Representative (Passed)

FA22 SB005 - A Bill to Clarify Recall Process (Passed)

SP23 SB001 - A Bill to Formalize ad hoc Committees (Passed)

SP23 SB002 - A Bill to Dissolve SRC (Passed)

SP23 SB003 - A Bill to Update & Reorganize SAAB Bylaws (Passed)

SP23 SB004 - A Bill to Increase ASB Honoraria (Passed)

SP23 SB005 - A Bill to Amend the CAB Funding Process (Passed)

Senate Resolutions

*Senate has yet to pass any resolutions*