As a Senator, you are given the opportunity to enact change on-campus. In session, Senators discuss issues, manage the Student Fee, meet with administrators, and vote on bills and resolutions. Out of session, Senators work within committee structures and on their own personal passion project. Senators are assigned to a committee and are expected to regularly attend their respective committee meetings.

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You can read more about the committees here. Senators must use $100 toward a community outreach project when elected. This project can take many forms: a coffee hour event, a mural installation, a crochet hour, a dance party, an invasive ivy removal day… the list goes on! You can collaborate with other Senators to pool together for a large event or focus on smaller-scale projects. Senators can improve the campus and serve our community with this outreach money.

Each Senator is granted an honorarium of $500/semester. Senators are expected to attend their assigned committee meetings regularly. By the end of the academic year, each Senator must complete a community outreach project (individual or group) with their $100 budget.

When do you meet?

Senate meets regularly semi-monthly, 5:00pm to 6:30 pm on Thursdays in JR Howard Room 102. See above for our schedule. Questions or discussion topics can be directed to