The Senate serves as the legislative branch for the student government. The mission of ASB is to assist student organizations with financial resources and institutional support, provide an open forum for students to address their concerns and grievances, and to facilitate better communication between students, faculty, administration, and the wider Lewis & Clark community.

The Senate is open to the public to attend, but voting members consist of 9 Representatives (selected from their respective identity-based affinity group) and 12 Senators, elected by the student body, and the vice-president in the case of a tie. Current student organizations with representatives include:

  • The Asian Student Union, Black Student Union, Disabled Student Union, Feminist Student Union, Gente Latina Unida, International Students of Lewis & Clark, Native Student Union, Queer Student Union, & Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

When do you meet?

Every Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 8 pm in JR Howard 102