Engagement and Outreach

The EOC’s purpose is to help the Lewis & Clark community feel they are connected to ASB. EOC hosts events, giveaways, and other community-building activities that bring students together and help students understand what ASB is and what ASB does. CEOC hosts public forums on any issues relating to ASB, the LC community, and administration. In these forums, EOC acts as a mediator between the multiple parties. The EOC also has the opportunity to engage with the broader Portland community in terms of other institutions and businesses to build a wider network for students. Lastly, EOC also has the capacity to run community service projects or help students make their projects into a reality through funding.

TLDR; We run the PR team and occasionally host our own events but we are the committee to help out other committees.

Engagement and Outreach Committee signups can be found at tinyurl.com/eocsignups