Funded Grants

For a detailed list of funded grants, visit the links below.

2017 – 2018 Grants

Research Grants

Zachary Schonrock, Research at the Britten-Pears Archive in Aldeburgh, England

Elise Glaser, Jewish Self-Deprication and Comedy Podcast; A Conversation on Anti-Semitism in the Current United States

MaríaLaura Andandre Laso, Transgender Health & Policy in Ecuador

2016 – 2017 Grants

Research Grants

Andrea Blobel Pérez, Memory Construction of Chile’s Dictatorship

Monica Cropsey, Community and the Making of Identity: Adjustment and Commitment of Senegalese Migrant Vendors in Paris

Kate Wackett & Erin Law, Transnational Art Exhibit

Program & Conference Grants

Leonardo Digiosia, Joint Mathematics Meeting 2017

Visiting Scholars Grant

2015 – 2016 Grants

Research Grants

Lindsay Mulcahy, Race and Education in Borderlands

Lydia Bleifuss, The Effect of the Chilean Water Management System

Molly Wyman, The International Buddhist Women’s Ordination Movement

Hannah Swernoff, Poverty and Progress: Perception of Rural White Appalachian Poverty in Postwar America

Angie Epifano, From Guinea to Lithuania: Art and the Making of Nations

Dan Sizer, Gunbei! Academia and Entrepreneurship in Korean Rice Beer

Hannah Rempel, Parrotfish & the Future of Caribbean Coral Reefs

Carmel Yang, Looking the Greek Refugee Crisis

Arts & Expressions Grants

Ellie Oltisky & Tess Haratonick, Art Week Pop-Up Student Gallery

Program & Conference Grants

Maya Bonapart, 2015 Building Resilient Communities Convergence: Creative Arts & Academic Zine Project

Lani Felicitas, Filipina Leadership Global Summit

Eileen Muller & Maia Samerjan, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Sara Fetterly & Aspen Johnson, Society for Visual Anthropology Visual Ethnography Film Festival

Kristina Dill, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science

Grace Melfhaff, 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition

Matthew Wong, Duke-UNC China Leadership Summitt

2014 – 2015 Grants

Research Grants

Ciarra D’Onofrio ’15

Ella Coben ’15 and Jonathan Poley ’15

Lily Jane Clarke ’15

Julia Duerst ’15 and Jesenya Maldonado ’15

Kaiya Gordono ’15

Zoe Klingman ’15

Amanda Stewart ’15

Kate Wackett ’15

Lincoln David Body II ’15

Ariel Gold ’15

Ben Klein ’15 and Robin Zeller ’15

Noa Raman ’15

Art & Expressions Grant

Kristina Nelson ’15

Zachary Faza ’15

Program & Conference Grants

Naomi Sheff ’15

Sam Stewart ’15

Anya Ludwig ’15

Katie Keith ’15

Julia Duerst ’15

Sarah Lowenstein ’15

Sam Stewart ’15

Visiting Scholars Grant

Marika Liebman ’15

2013 – 2014 Grants

Research Grants

Isabell Ball ’14

Dylan Stringer ’15

Melanie Toth ’15

Ryan Pasco ’15

Tom Rodrigues ’14

Celestina DeMauro ’14

Gabe Kohler ’15

Robin Zeller ’15

Daniela Jimenez ’14

Lincoln Boyd ’15

Lily Clarke ’14

Sage Coy ’14

Katherine Quaid ’14

Hannah Brown ’14

Dale Forrister ’14

David Salkowski ’14

Andrew Reetz ’14

Hannah Miller ’14

Kat Caskey ’14 and Taylor Leigh ’14

Arts & Expression Grants

Cedar Jocks ’15

Julia Duerst ’15

David Salkowski ’14

Sascha Rindsbacher ’14

Matthew Takiff ’14

Camile Shuman ’14

Matthew Mulligan ’14

Brandon Becker ’14

Katie George ’14

Irene Huete ’14

Rachel Wolfson ’14

Rhianna Feeney ’14

Flynn Casey ’14

Larissa Board ’14

Tony Chrenka ’14

Program & Conference Grants

Jose Quintero ’16

Maya Gold ’14, Walker Davis ’15, Brooke Jordy ’15

Constantine Pankin ’15

Lily Waldman ’14, Ghassan Eiwaz ’14, Victoria Diaz ’14

Noah Dates ’15

Sita Fidler ’14

Tess Chudzki ’16

Devin Owen ’14 and Desiree Etzel ’14

Miles Crabill ’16

Visiting Scholar Grant

Anna Dagget ’14