Student Policy Advisory

Student Policy Advisory Committee (SPAC)’s purpose is to interpret, review, and improve the governing documents, and also help students understand their rights on college, local, and national policies.


SPAC Members ensure that Senators and Cabinet members do not overstep their boundaries by facilitating Senate meetings and acting as a supervisory body. As a check on the Senate and Cabinet, the Chief Justice has two powers: review and recall. 

SPAC also provides a variety of information to the general student body. This mainly takes place in the forms of informational student forums on student rights and/or resources and maintaining a resource guide on relevant college policies.

Joining SPAC is a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of The Associated Student Body (ASB) as well as college wide policies. If you’re interested, consider filling the form below!

To have an action by an ASB member be reviewed, complete the Petition for Review. To have an individual recalled, complete the Recall Petition. For assistance, contact the ASB Chief Justice at