About Us

We do a lot at ASB, but all branches of ASB are expected to follow common goals. We’ve listed our mission statement and values statement below.

The Mission of ASB

We, the Associated Student Body (ASB) function as the representative organization for the CAS Campus, dedicated to enhancing the undergraduate student experience. By overseeing the equitable management of the Student Fee and advocating for the expressed needs of students, we play a vital role in fostering a supportive and enriching environment for all undergraduates. Through eight committees working across all areas of campus, each providing ways to organize resources, facilitate and respond to feedback, and host social events, we actively engage with the student body to ensure their voices are heard and their concerns addressed. We are committed to continuous self-improvement, regularly seeking feedback and striving to remove barriers that may hinder student access to information and resources. By maintaining open lines of communication between students, staff, faculty, and the Executive Council, we endeavor to advocate for the holistic well-being of the CAS community, promoting a campus culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and growth.

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The ASB Values Statement

Equitable—We will provide individualized & community-based support, creating ASB initiatives and legislation that center those with marginalized or disadvantaged identities.

 Justice-Driven—We acknowledge that LC as an institution systematically oppresses many underrepresented groups, and we will strive to change these systems to center those with marginalized identities.

Effective—We will set realistic and relevant goals, in alignment with our mission and the desires of our constituents, and we will hold ourselves and each other accountable to the promises that we make.

 Community-Based—We will take on projects and devote our time and resources to initiatives that will benefit those within and beyond the Lewis & Clark community, even when it does not benefit us individually.

Transparent—We will share, both with ourselves and with the wider community, information related to our work within ASB to hold us accountable to each other and to the student body.