Fellow LC Explorers

Hear directly from some of our travelers. Click on the LC Explorers below to read the full interview.

Brian Federico ’05

Trips: Cuba 2017
Future Trips: I can’t wait for Lewis & Clark to plan a trip to Indonesia!

Jenny MacNichol ’78

Trips: Iceland 2018, Greece 2019
Future Trips: I am signed up for Morocco 2022 and Antartica 2023, and have Madagascar and Japan on my list.

Lynn Rooker, Friend of L&C

Trips: Antarctica 2022
Future Trips: Tanzania with my sister!

Tammy and Jeff Walker, Friends of L&C

Trips: Morocco 2018 and Tanzania 2020

Matt Lundeberg ’10

Trips: Zodiac 2019 and 2021
Future Trips: Schooner Zodiac 2022

Tom Barrett ’74

Trips: Cuba 2019 and Greece 2019

Jeannie (Price) Verderame ’78

Trips: Morocco 2018, Cuba 2019, Tanzania 2020
Future Trips: Galapagos Islands 2022. Chile has also piqued our interest!

John and Karen Nellist ’84

Trips: Morocco 2018, Cuba 2019, Antarctica 2022

Sara Rothert ’84

Trips: Cuba 2019
Future Trips: Antarctica 2023

Gary Korotzer ’85

Trips: Iceland 2018
Future Trips: Antarctica 2023 with my son!

Jessica Bentley ’96

Trips: Schooner Zodiac 2019, 2021
Future Trips: Zodiac 2022, Cuba 2022!