Arlene Jacobs MA ’00

“The trip was well thought out, the educational components were fabulous, and the logistical pieces appeared to come together seamlessly. I could not have planned such a great experience on my own!” 

“The whole trip was like a high adventure dream! I kept reminding myself we really were having these extremely unique experiences, surrounded by people who care so much for Tanzania and for us too!” - Tammy Walker, L&C Friend

I’m hooked on the LC Travel Program, it’s tourism but it makes you smarter. Traveling with a professor of biology was amazing, I can’t wait for my next opportunity to travel with this team again! Lynn Rooker, LC Friend


“I gave the trip an A+. I rarely do group tours but this one was well planned, and I definitely got more out of it with the geology education and planned activities than I would have on a self-guided tour.” - Mollie Carter, P’20