John and Karen Nellist ’84

Trips: Morocco 2018, Cuba 2019, Antarctica 2022
Future Trips: Signed-up for Mexico 2023 and Madagascar 2023

What do you like best about traveling with LC?

Traveling with like-minded, educated people; the trips are educational and interesting; well organized; the unique activities with LC partners; connecting with other graduates; sharing a common past experience. 




What was a memorable experience from one of your trips?

Camel ride in the Sahara Desert on the Morocco trip and getting to know a fellow alumnus from my year (1984) on the Cuba trip.


In your mind, what aspects of the LC travel program are unique?

Being accompanied by a professor with local knowledge, learning about the unique partnership between LC and local organizations/people that were developed during overseas programs, and being with other LC graduates. 




Can you talk about the interactions you had with your LC faculty members?

On the Morocco trip, Oren took us to the Jewish cemeteries. Although we had traveled to Morocco before, we had never learned about Jewish Moroccan history. 



How do you feel more connected to the LC community after your trips?

Making new friends/couples who we keep in touch with today. Also, since President Wim Wiewel and his wife Alice were on both our trips, we got to know them better.


Where are you headed next?
We have booked the LC Antarctica trip scheduled for January 2022.