Lynn Rooker, Friend of L&C

Trips: Antarctica 2022
Future Trips: Tanzania 2023 with my sister!

“I feel like one of the family after this trip, I was welcomed in and never treated like an outsider. Everyone in the LC group welcomed me and made me feel included. I spent time with different members of the group at different events and excursions and never felt like I was traveling alone.”                   - Lynn Rooker


What do you enjoy the most about traveling with LC?

It’s educational! I despise touristy trips to the same tired areas everyone goes to, and in large groups. LC has smaller group sizes so everyone has a chance to talk to the faculty members, and the locations are anything but common.


What is a highlight from your most recent trip?

The first time I stood on the continent of Antarctica! It is my seventh continent that I’ve traveled to, and by far the most special.


In your mind, what aspect(s) of the LC travel program were unique?

The educational angle is the first thing that stands out for me. Also the incredible service by the travel company and care by the faculty to ensure our experience was an outstanding one.